Six instant ways to boost your confidence

Six instant ways to boost your confidence

When life’s twists and turns have got you feeling down, you need a pick-me-up. Try these tips and tricks to give your self-esteem a lift.

When life’s twists and turns have got you feeling down, you need a pick-me-up. Try these tips and tricks to give your self-esteem a lift.

For many of us, getting older means our confidence only grows: we’re more sure than ever of who we are, and we’ve got plenty of life experience to remind us of the obstacles we’ve overcome.

But each stage of life keeps throwing up new challenges, and changes in our families, careers and our bodies can leave us feeling confused and out of sorts.

That’s when you need a confidence boost – a little bag of tricks to remind yourself of all your strengths. Take a look at our tips for getting your self-esteem back where it belongs.

Stand tall

With today’s sedentary lifestyles, often our posture is the first thing to go. We slump in office chairs and collapse into sofas at the end of the day. But better posture can have you walking tall in more ways than one.

Body language experts say that standing up straight and using our full height gives us a confidence boost. We don’t just look stronger and more purposeful to those around us – we feel that way too.

Take deep breaths

Stress and nerves affect your body, causing your heart to race and your adrenaline to spike. But the same is true in reverse – calming your body down can have a dramatic affect on your mood, stopping a cycle of negative thoughts in its tracks.

When you need a boost before a stressful situation, try breathing in through your nose for a slow count of four. Then slowly exhale for the same count. Repeat until that panicked fight-or-flight feeling is gone and you’re ready to face the task at hand.

Refresh your wardrobe

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of a new outfit: 80% of us say that new clothes make us feel more confident and stylish. But many of us find that feeling fades once those new threads have been in the wash.

Now there’s a way to keep it, thanks to the Fibre Science technology in Ariel 3in1 pods. It’s designed to clean stains, protect fibres and enhance your clothes with a fresh scent, so it maintains that confidence-boosting brand-new feeling for longer.

Share your talents

When we feel overstretched, it can be hard to remember all the things that we’re good at. After all, we’ve come to take them for granted. So sharing your skills with others can be a great way to remind yourself how capable and in control you really are.

Try signing up to be a mentor or volunteer at your local school or youth club. Sharing your talent, wisdom and experience with the younger generation is a great way to give yourself a boost too.

Learn a new skill

Whenever you learn something new, you start off feeling a bit out of your depth. But after a bit of practice, your skills grown and your confidence does too. You soon learn to have more faith in your ability to face all the day-to-day challenges.

So whether you sign up for an evening class or just take up a new hobby at home, spending time building up a new skill will be a constant reminder of your ability to learn, adapt and grow.

Break a sweat

Studies show that people who exercise regularly are less stressed, more confident and better able to tackle those jam-packed to-do lists.

You don’t need to run marathons or pump iron, either: a 20-minute workout can give your mood a lift for up to 12 hours. Anything that raises your heart rate can help, so if you’re new to exercising, try starting with regular brisk walks and work your way up.

What’s your favourite way to get a confidence boost? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

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Make somebodies day

babyhk 10/09/2017

I live close to a major city .Everyone seems to rush about . Just holding a door open for somebody with a pushchair or letting a person sit in your seat if you look up and acknowledge that they seem to have had a worse day then you .Little things go a long way and a smile from a stranger always gives me that feel good factor.

Exercise helps keep me confid

sueal 19/08/2017

I like to exercise most days, i like swimming, walking and cycling, i find if i dont do any of these for a period of time i feel sluggish and no where near as confident. I think for menopausal women confidence tends to dip a bit we have a lot of knowledge but i think we are tired due to lack of sleep so for me exercise is a must

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