7 organising hacks to clear up your kitchen counter

7 organising hacks to clear up your kitchen counter

Ever wonder how other people’s kitchen surfaces always look so organised when yours are constantly strewn with flour, cutlery, rubber bands etc.? Here’s how to fix it…

Ever wonder how other people’s kitchen surfaces always look so organised when yours are constantly strewn with flour, cutlery, rubber bands etc.? Here’s how to fix it…

They say the kitchen is the heart of the house, but who wants to invite friends and family over when the place is a mess?

Whether your kitchen is small-but-perfectly-formed, or you’re lucky enough to have plenty of space to spare (and to clutter up!), getting organised will change everything. No more wasting time hunting for scissors or baking foil, or hurriedly throwing items in drawers as friends arrive. Life is about to get easy (and it might even cut down on your everyday cleaning time, too).

Here, we’re sharing seven kitchen hacks to keep your counter looking like it fell out of a home magazine.

1. Invest in a range of baskets

Whether they’re used to hold all your herbs and spices or as a place to stash cleaning cloths, baskets are a great way to keep everything looking neat and tidy. What’s more, you can buy them for next to nothing in most discount stores or online.

They come in all shapes and sizes (so they’ll work in small kitchens), and you should find something to fit your colour scheme (if in doubt, go for white or cream). Putting all your kitchen’s non-food items – from pens to door keys – in baskets means it’s easier to wipe down surfaces after cooking, too.

2. Label everything

Not only does labelling food in the fridge remind you when you bought it (eliminating any ‘has this gone off yet?’ dilemmas), it also helps you get organised on your counter too.

We love using Kilner or Mason-type jars to store non-perishables – such as pasta, rice or teabags – and creating DIY labels with a label maker (you can pick these up cheaply online). It doesn’t have to stop at food either – soon everything will have a home, from baking beans to elastic bands and safety pins. Ah, how utterly satisfying.

3. Install under-the-sink hooks

Hanging some hooks under the sink creates a great space to keep rubber gloves, tea towels and dog leads – and clears up your work surface brilliantly. You can make under-the-sink cupboards work even harder by using an over-the-door hook to hang cleaning products in there, too.

Always choose products wisely – Fairy’s Platinum Washing Up Liquid gets rid of tough grease three times faster than the next-best-selling brand, so you won’t have to replace it so often and can save on the space you’d use for a bigger bottle.

4. Make use of walls and ceilings

Look around your kitchen – are you struggling for work-surface space? If so, a smart way to get more without compromising is using walls and ceilings to store equipment. Could you fix brackets or extra shelves to any of the walls?

Think about the items you rarely use – huge woks or pans, maybe: can they hang from the ceiling in a mounted pot-and-pan rack? As well as clearing space for the things you use on a daily basis, it gives the kitchen some homely personality too.

5. Chalkboard paint

Here’s one of our favourite interior design ideas, which can make even the weekly shopping list look Pinterest-ready: chalkboard paint. Go bold and paint it directly on walls, or play it safe and use the insides of cupboards as your canvas – either way, it’s a space-saving, practical way to get rid of all those clutter-inducing notepads and rogue pieces of paper.

It also makes a fun place to leave notes for your partner – and the grandkids will love leaving notes on it when they pop over. Use ‘chalk’-style marker pens – they can be easily wiped clean – to avoid chalk stubs everywhere.

6. Use cupboard doors as recipe holders

The key to making your kitchen look and feel less cluttered is using existing space wisely. And what else do cupboard doors do exactly, besides hiding pots and pans?

Depending on the material, it may be possible to use the door as a pin board recipe holder as it is, or you might need to attach a thin cork board (just slightly smaller than the door so it shuts). The result? All your tatty-looking recipes you’d rather not throw out are safe but out of sight.

7. Magnetic knife strips

Not only is it dangerous to have knives loose in a drawer, but storing them there means they get blunt quickly too. Avoid this by buying a magnetic knife strip – it requires a little DIY attaching it to your wall but once it’s up, you’ll never waste time (or risk injury) rooting around for the right knife again. Easy!

How do you organise your kitchen countertops? Share your hacks and ideas by commenting below.

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fix a place for everything

bani 03/03/2018

I manage to keep my kitchen organised by setting a place for everything, if everything has a home it will sit there! avoid collecting too much, I have a rule that if I buy a collectible I try and get rid of something which has been there for a while. there are several charity shops which can help it to find its next home.

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