How your phone could help with your home renovations

How your phone could help with your home renovations

Planning to decorate? Downloading a mood board app onto your phone should be your first step. Here’s how to use it to help you…

Planning to decorate? Downloading a mood board app onto your phone should be your first step. Here’s how to use it to help you…

When planning your home’s new look, collating fabrics, paint colours, swatches and magazine pictures into a scrapbook or onto a mood board is a great way of getting inspiration.

An even better idea, though, is to do all this on your phone. With apps such as Pinterest, Juxtapost and HomeTalk, you’ve got the wealth of the internet and other people’s boards to search for inspiration, and you can collate it all together without taking up any space at home. Plus you can filter, categorise and make notes where needed.

Sound good? Here’s a beginner’s guide to making it work for you…

How to get started

First you’ll need an account with Pinterest, Juxtapost or similar. Once you’ve registered, start a new board for all the inspirational pictures that you find on the site. Your boards can be about anything you like, from your dream bathroom to one dedicated to kitchen taps if you so desire. You could assign a board specifically to each room in the house.

Search the internet to find a picture that inspires you, then simply pin it to your board with a click of the plus-sign icon. Try checking out HomeTalk, which is dedicated to gorgeous décor shots and DIY ideas. You can also upload your own images from photos to your board if you spy something at your friend’s home, or in a shop or hotel for example.

Refine your style

As you search and pin images to your virtual board, you will soon notice patterns in the type of interior-decorating styles you like. Keep checking your boards, refining them, noticing where themes emerge and deleting pictures that no longer apply.

Look at the details

Pin pictures of aspirational rooms, but also focus on the specifics. How did they achieve that look? Notice what’s on the walls, on the floors, the colours they’ve included… You can personalise the pictures by adding comments to them, such as notes on why you pinned that particular picture, and the details you liked. You can then carry on searching for more specific details and build up a tangible blueprint of your dream home.

Get a how-to guide

Pinterest, HomeTalk and YouTube have great tutorials for if you’re doing home renovations yourself, so make sure you watch them or check out the step-by-step pictures before attempting anything yourself.

Let inspiration come to you

Find boards and fellow pinners that speak to your style and follow their boards. Be selective so you don’t become overwhelmed. Follow bloggers, design magazines and interior stylists, then every time they add a new image, you’ll see it in your news feed.

Ask for opinions

You can virtually share your boards with your partner, friends and family over email to get their opinion. They can also collaborate – for instance, your husband could add pins to your board, ensuring you are both working towards a shared goal.

What apps do you use to help when redecorating your home? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Will get some good tips

drmqn442 27/03/2017

Glad tis has come my way I am doing some changes to my home and not sure about a few things for each room. Some great tips I can get now thanks. Will let others know how things go and can even put some photos up for people to see great Thanks

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