Organise your kitchen with these decluttering tips

Organise your kitchen with these decluttering tips

Clear out those crowded cupboards and only keep the gadgets you can’t live without, says Lynnette Peck.

For me, a kitchen is not just a practical place for my Le Creuset pots and pans and noise and steam – it’s also a place of sanctuary to gather with loved ones, to bond, relax and of course refuel. As a lifestyle expert I have been in many kitchens and it seems that in 2016 they will increasingly become places of co-habitation as well as cooking. With this in mind my ‘New year kitchen audit’ is as much about gadget must-buys as it is about how to make your kitchen an organised, peaceful and personal happy place.

Where to start?

I am not about preaching (I know you are already super-savvy around your home and garden) but I do have some solutions for de-cluttering your kitchen.

  • Be ruthless. Kitchens have more unique kinds of clutter than other rooms. You don’t need that ice-cream maker (still in its box) that someone bought you as a wedding present two decades ago.
  • Unpack. Take everything out of their cupboards and sort into three piles:

  • Never use -- ditch immediately or give to charity
    Sometimes use -- put in a box in a cupboard away from the kitchen
    Always use -- the only items I will allow you to keep in the kitchen.
  • Put the Always Use items in locations near where you do your tasks.

Who has time to make bread?

I recently bought a very expensive bread-making machine. I had visions of our home smelling delicious and therefore welcoming. I even bought special flour, yeast, salt… the works. However, once I opened the instruction booklet it all looked so complicated I couldn’t be bothered and it has sat in a cupboard for a year. Lesson learned: only buy essentials I will use every day.

When it comes to gadgets, for me, the following are not essential, unless perhaps you have a huge kitchen and a staff of at least ten:

  • homemade butter maker
  • leaf stripper
  • beef burger press
  • popcorn popper
  • pancake batter dispenser
  • spaghetti measuring tool
  • strawberry huller… green bean slicer… fruit cushion… and banana bag.

The things that matter

However these I do consider essential buys, especially as healthy cooking is important to me now:
  • olive oil sprayer
  • vacuum wine pump (seals an already opened bottle – not so healthy but money saving)
  • vegetable cleaning brush
  • portable fat draining grill
  • oval roaster and rack
  • gravy separator
  • microwavable fish steamer and egg poacher
  • scalloped-edged tongs (to flip food, pull pans, lift lids, serve pasta)
  • high quality chef’s knives.

For me, these are a daily part of my cooking routine. Think about what you enjoy cooking and eating, and your own essentials list will write itself.

A keeper or a flash in the pan?

The latest kitchen gadget to have is of course the Nutribullet Superfood Nutrition Extractor. It is basically a very efficient blender, but the difference is that it breaks open seeds and stems and shreds the skin of even the hardiest fruit or vegetable. Basically it means you eat every part of whatever you choose to chuck in it. All those nutrients can’t do any harm so this one gets a thumbs-up from me.

Kitchen quick fixes

You don’t have to spend this weekend in a kitchenware shop. Here are some instant improvement you can make today.
  • Move essential cooking tools so they live next to the cooking space they are used for.
  • Put plastic containers and tops in zones within the same drawer.
  • Group objects by purpose – eg baking, storage, dinner parties.
  • Store sticky or spillable food items on an easy-to-clean Lazy Susan (honey, ketchup, oils, jams).
  • Put snacks in wire baskets so you can see what you’ve got easily.
  • Take spice containers out of the cupboard, where they are stacked too deep to see, and put them in a drawer top down with labels on.

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Food Clutter

babyhk 26/06/2017

I am O.K with pots , pans etc but what I found difficult was sorting food cupboards out as I bulk buy or am attracted to special offers . I now keep a max of 2 tins and 1 packet of any same item in my main kitchen area and excess tins are stored in the garage Packets I keep in a large plastic storage boxes with lids on top of my cupboards. Smaller items like herbs , spices , packet sauce , stock cubes I group in plastic mesh open containers which you can buy from the £1 shop .

Might try

Annmarie 05/02/2017

Sounds good will look into this next day I'm off.

I might try it

Viv11 17/01/2017

Sounds like a good idea! I need to do this decluttering exercise

Opinions differ

Cas The Brave 02/07/2016

I would say that My kitchen necessities are very different, but then again I think most other people who comment have taken you too literal, as you do say that these are your kitchen essentials. I don't have a nutrichef, but my blender is used regularly, as is my stick blender, wooden spoons and spatulas, nut and seeds grinder, kettle and microwave (or are these two appliances?), veg peeler and can opener - these are some of my kitchen must haves. Oh, and my ice cream maker (yum). :)


vegangranny 21/05/2016

Interesting article. But it underlines for me just how different one's ideas of what's essential can be. In the above list of essentials contains only one thing I would even use - the knives! I would include such things as a blender, a food processor, a kettle and a toaster.

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