Never mind the mud: how to keep your floors spotless

Never mind the mud: how to keep your floors spotless

It’s finally outdoors weather, but here’s how to make sure the outside doesn’t get all over your nice clean floors…

It’s finally outdoors weather, but here’s how to make sure the outside doesn’t get all over your nice clean floors…

It’s the perfect time of year to get out and aabout. But whether you’ve been pottering around in the garden, have been on a long country walk with the dog or have the grandkids running around, the one downside to all the al fresco fun is the mud and dirt ends up trudged through the house – and usually just after you’ve cleaned the floors.

But with a few simple steps you’ll be able to cut down on the mess and get your sparkling floors back.

1. Put mats and rugs at every entrance

Messy footprints can come from any direction, whether the grandkids have been playing in the back garden or your husband has returned from walking the dog.

Ideally you should have a designated door for muddy feet, but just in case, have an outdoor and indoor mat at every entrance to pick up the worst of the crud.


Look for mats that are as wide as the doorway and long enough for a typical stride, so no one will miss them. For the doorstep, pick a mat that’s tough enough to stand up to the weather outside (rubber or coconut fibres are good choices). And for your hallway, go for something that’s thin enough so it doesn’t block the door and in a dark shade that hides the dirt.

2. Store muddy shoes at the door

Isn’t it always the way? No matter how hard you try, you can’t get all the mud off your shoes using the doormat, but as soon as they touch a cream carpet, it comes right off. The only solution is to leave dirty shoes at the door.

Make it easy by keeping a shoe rack in the hall and having somewhere you can sit to pull off mucky boots. Then there’s no excuse for wearing shoes in the house and your cleaning regime just got that bit easier.

3. Keep mucky paws off your floors

Some members of the household might take a little more training than others. If you’ve got a dog, you’ll want to tackle their dirty paws before they get too far into the house.

Train them to sit at the mat (you might need to offer a few treats while they learn the new rules) and keep an old towel near the door for wiping off mucky pups as soon as you get home.

Once a week, take them outside to give them a good brushing – it’ll reduce the amount of hair they leave around the house too.

For more advice on this, check out Wet walkies: five tips for walking your dog when it rains.

4. Make mopping a breeze with Flash

However hard you try to keep dirt outside, it’s inevitable that some mud will make its way onto your kitchen floor.

Luckily, Flash Multi Surface Concentrated Cleaner makes mopping easy with a perfectly balanced formula that targets dirt, breaks down grease and dissolves stains for a sparkling finish.

For a perfect technique, just make sure you wring it out well – dirt clings to a damp mop. Start at the far end of the room and move backwards to the entrance so you’ve always got a dry spot to stand on.

s 5. Get slippers for the grandkids

Getting used to a shoe-free home with be that much easier if the family have got something comfy to slip into when they come to stay.

Pick up a comfortable, cosy pair of slippers for everyone and keep them right by the door, so it’s easy to change from their outside shoes when they get in.

How do you make sure dirt stops in its tracks at the front door? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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