Let the light in: clever ways to give dark rooms a lift

Let the light in: clever ways to give dark rooms a lift

Now the sun is shining, here are five ways to make sure your home welcomes in the light

Now the sun is shining, here are five ways to make sure your home welcomes in the light

Our winters can feel so long and dreary that as soon as we get some blue skies and sunrays, it’s important to let as much of it into your life as possible.

But if you’ve got some rooms in your house that seem as determined to keep the light out as the Dark Lord himself, we’ve found some clever tricks to give them a lift.

Smoke and mirrors

The easiest trick to adding more light to a room is to bounce around the little natural light it already has.

You can do this with mirrors. Either place two that are the same size and shape as each other on opposite walls to create a feeling of depth, or buy a mirror that is the same shape and size as your window and place it at a right angle to the window, which will immediately spread out the light coming in.

You could even go so far as to create a whole mirrored wall. This works well in the bathroom, for example, where you can also place candles next to the mirror to double the glow.

Go for metallics

Look for shiny, reflective and metallic soft furnishings and ornaments to bounce around the light as much as possible. Metals and glass work well, for example.

Bathrooms and kitchens are often small, so make sure you choose white or stainless steel sinks and baths, light cupboard fronts, lots of mirrors and stainless steel fittings.

And don’t fret about crusty limescale scuppering your shiny surfaces. You can clean off limescale in minutes with Viakal [LINK TO: https://www.victoria.co.uk/product/viakal-limescale-remover], plus it leaves a clever protective layer to prevent future build up for up to three times longer than other limescale cleaners.

Lighten up

If there’s any dark wood, walls or floors, these will absorb the little light there is in the room, so you can give your room an instant lift with a coat of lighter-coloured paint.

If you haven’t got the time, budget, or inclination to repaint the whole room, perhaps just choose one accent wall, ideally the one with the window. Or just repaint the ceiling a bright white.

You can cover dark floors with light rugs and perhaps find a fabulous bright piece of artwork to hang on the dark wall.

Also keep the windowsill clutter free and opt for sleek, smooth furniture in light colours, rather than clunky, overstuffed pieces to create the illusion of space.

Rather go blind?

If you have heavy drapes, this will go a long way to blocking the light out, so let the sunshine in with slatted blinds.

This way you can close them when you want privacy, angle them when you want some soft lighting, or lift them completely to let as much light in as possible.

A cheaper option is to swap your drapes in summer for a pair of sheer curtains. They look gorgeous draped across the window, left to hang or tied with a ribbon.

Be strategic with lighting

An obvious way to brighten up a room is to go for brighter bulbs, but it’s also key where you put the lights. For example, placing lamps close to walls and on reflective tables means their light will bounce across the surfaces and spread further.

Spotlights are gorgeously twinkly and work really well in kitchens and bathrooms. And while a dimmer switch may sound like a strange suggestion for a dark room, it’s nice to be able to play around with the light levels, and you’ll notice a real lift when you turn it right up, but can keep it at a lower level when you want to feel cosy.

How do you bring the light into your home? Let us know your tips in the comments section below.

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