Lavender love seven ways to bring this sweet scent into your home

Lavender love seven ways to bring this sweet scent into your home

For thousands of years people have prized it for its perfume, healing properties and even its flavour. Here are some ideas on how you can use this flowering herb to enjoy a little touch of the south of France every day.

For thousands of years people have prized it for its perfume, healing properties and even its flavour. Here are some ideas on how you can use this flowering herb to enjoy a little touch of the south of France every day.

Nothing says summer quite like lavender – row upon row of stunning colour with its scent wafting on the warm breeze. And since smells have such a powerful effect on our memory and imagination, bringing lavender into your home can be a wonderful way of evoking the sunny, carefree ease of Provence – even on days when the British weather is letting us down again.

With such a long history of use in everything from freshening up clothes to aromatherapy, there’s no shortage of reasons to enjoy lavender’s sweet scent in your home.

1. Soothe away your cares with essential oils

It’s long been a traditional remedy to cure insomnia by filling pillows with lavender flowers. Now scientific research suggests that our ancestors were onto something: the scent of lavender can help to improve sleep quality, promote relaxation and lift the mood of people who suffer from sleep disorders.

So for a truly restful night’s sleep, trying dropping a little lavender essential oil on your pillow, or apply it to your temples and let its calming perfume wash over you.

2. Take care of stored clothes

Putting clothes away for the winter? It’s a great way of freeing up some space, and it’s even better with the help of some dried lavender in little cotton bags. The flowers will gently help to scent your clothes as they lie in storage in a drawer or hung up at the back of the wardrobe.

So when it’s time to bring them out they’ll smell as fresh as if they’d just been laundered. Lavender also helps to deter pests so there’s less chance of bringing them out only to find them eaten by moths.

3. Scent your rooms with pot pourri

It’s easy to get that lovely summer smell throughout the house with dried flowers that can last all season (and beyond). If you don’t have any lavender in your garden, you can buy some from the garden centre.

Try to get the plants when they’re just in bud – the fragrance will last longer. Use secateurs to cut long stems, leaving behind the leaves, then tie them together in bunches. Hang them in a warm, dry spot, out of the sun, and after a couple of weeks you’ll be able to shake the flower buds into a bowl.

4. Freshen up your laundry

Even someone as hard to please as Henry VIII enjoyed lavender on his clothes. Today you don’t have to live like a king to get this summery smell in your laundry, though.

With Bold 2-in-1 lavender pearls there’s detergent for powerful cleaning and fabric conditioner with a long-lasting scent in one package that you can just pop in the machine and go.

The fragrance is designed with Lenor’s expert perfumers and blends lavender with soothing camomile for a feeling of serenity and harmony.

5. Make fragrant soap

Lavender isn’t just gloriously fragrant – it’s also got antibacterial properties, so it’s perfect for adding to homemade soap. Just buy some glycerin bars, melt them in the microwave and add some dried lavender flowers with a couple of drops of essential oil.

Take a dish the shape you’d like the soap to be and scatter a few flowers in the bottom. Then pour in the mixture and leave it to cool.

6. Add a summer scent to your cooking

It isn’t as unusual as you might think to use lavender in food and drink – after all, it’s from the same family as mint. The floral flavour is strong, though, so it’s best to use it very sparingly.

You can scatter fresh flowers over salads or use a lavender stem as a stirrer in a summery drink. The sweet fragrance is delightful in desserts – why not try using it as the French do for a delicate, floral addition to crème brûlée? Just gently simmer a small amount as you make the custard.

Relax with scented bath salts

Nothing’s as relaxing as a warm bath, and it’s even better with the soothing perfume of lavender. Making your own bath salts for a fragrant soak is easy.

Just mix six parts of coarse sea salt with three parts Epsom salts (for relieving aching muscles) and one part bicarbonate of soda (to soften water and soothe skin). Add a few drops of essential oils and a little purple food colouring for the full lavender effect. In a labelled, stoppered container, they make a lovely gift too.

Do you have a favourite way to use lavender? Share your ideas with us in the comments.


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Lovely Lavender


Using lavender soap is a sure way to feeling relaxed, pampered and luxurious !!



I made some lavender cookies using the flowers from my plants in the garden. They were really yummy and you can keep the flowers fresh for a few weeks if you put them in a jar in the fridge

Lavender on bedding

Shazza-b 27/05/2018

I've always sprayed a room spray on my bedding or brought lavender candles I find it helps me to sleep but I never would have thought to put it in cooking before now


Clare 02/05/2018

My favourite scent, washing fills the house with lavender scent

A restfull sleep

Carol 22/04/2018

Lavender fabric softener mixed with a little water in a spray bottle sprayed on my pillow helps me sleep 😴

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