Keep your laundry fragrant for longer

Keep your laundry fragrant for longer

With these tips, your clothes will not only smell lovely, but you’ll shrink your laundry pile, too

With these tips, your clothes will not only smell lovely, but you’ll shrink your laundry pile, too

While little compares to the piles of dirty clothes you washed daily when the kids were young, doing laundry can still feel like an endless task.

But if your clothes smell lovely for longer (and you don’t roll around in any mud, for example), you will automatically cut down your laundry load as you won’t necessarily need to wash everything every day.

So, with this in mind, here’s how to make your clothes smell lovely, and keep them that way.

Throw wet items straight in the washing machine

If you put wet towels or sweaty gym gear in the laundry basket, the dampness and smell will seep into your other items. And the smellier your clothes pre-wash, the harder it will be to get them fresh and fragrant.

Instead, throw wet items directly into the washing machine drum, ready for when you have a full load to run.

Don’t overload the machine

If clothes don’t have enough space in the drum to really move around, the detergent can’t properly work its sweet-smelling magic.

You should always be able to fit the width of your hand above the laundry load.

Use a detergent with your favourite scent

The primary opportunity to make your laundry smell divine is with your choice of detergent.

Bold 2in1 Pearl capsules combine the cleaning power of Bold detergent with a boost of Lenor softness and freshness.

Infusing your laundry with a gorgeous scent, you can choose from soothing Lavender & Camomile, refreshing Lotus Flower & Water Lily, uplifting Sparkling Bloom & Yellow Poppy, exotic Plumeria & White Orchid or luxurious Silk Flower & Gold Freesia.

So not only will your laundry come out clean, but smelling gorgeous too. And if you stick to our next suggestions, the scent will last even longer.

Dry clothes as soon as the cycle has ended

If you leave wet clothes in the washing machine for any longer than 30 minutes, they will start to smell of damp. So pop them into the tumble dryer or hang them on the clotheshorse as quickly as possible to stop this from happening.

Dry the laundry well

If you are air-drying your items, make sure you don’t cram them onto the clotheshorse. You need to make sure there’s sufficient space between your clothes for the air to circulate. If the weather allows, dry clothes outside in the sunshine.

And make sure your items are 100% dry before putting them away, otherwise those damp smells will return.

Keep your wardrobe fresh

If you don’t wear an item very often, it can get musty tucked away in your wardrobe.

To avoid this, don’t cram all your clothes in, leaving no space between them. Instead store your out-of-season items in vacuum bags and put them under the bed, for example.

Try popping lavender bags in the bottom of your wardrobe and in drawers. An open packet of baking soda also works well for removing moisture and odours.

If an item needs a last-minute refresh, squirt it with some Febreze Fabric Refresher to eliminate odours and leave a fresh, subtle scent.

Wear a cami

You only really need to wash items that come in direct contact with the sweaty parts of your body after one wear. So keep blouses, shirts and dresses fresh by wearing a camisole, vest or light T-shirt underneath them. Then you only need to wash them every three or four wears.

Air clothes after wearing them

If you can get another wear out of an item before washing, don’t shove it straight back in the wardrobe or – even worse – in a pile on the floor.

Instead, air it out by hanging it by an open window or on the back of a door before putting it away.

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What’s your favourite Bold 2in1 Pearl fragrance? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Adore bold

laura 15/06/2017

I love sparkling bloom.and yellow poppy my absolute epitome of summer

2 in 1


Lotus and Water Lilies for me is the nicest !!! That's why I keep buying it.

Love these

Shell 09/06/2017

Nothing can beat the smell of lavender so relaxing


Floss 09/06/2017

I love the fragrance of lavender, reminds me of my childhood.

My favourite is

Monika 21/05/2017

Plumeria & White Orchid! Makes me feel happy.

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