Keep your car smelling fresh with our car cleaning tips

Keep your car smelling fresh with our car cleaning tips

Ever unlocked your car to discover that it smells less than lovely inside? Read on…

Our homes might be our castles, but most of us spend quite a lot of time in our cars, which is why it makes sense to keep them nice. The good news is that this isn’t difficult.

Don’t eat and drive
One of the easiest ways to keep the inside of your car nice is not to let anyone eat or drink in it – something that’s a lot easier when the kids have left home: no drinks cartons, crisp packets or apple cores flung freely over the upholstery! If this seems too extreme, then at least insist that all rubbish is disposed of promptly. Nobody wants a car that smells of eau de fish and chips!

Keep on top of the mess
As well as clearing any rubbish out of your car on a daily basis, a weekly dust will keep things nice. Don’t forget to shake out those floor mats before vacuuming. Whether you’ve been on a long walk along the beach or a trawl of the shops, we can bring all manner of nasties into our cars on the soles of our shoes!

Febreze Car Fresheners: your secret weapon
Why not invest in a Febreze Car Freshener and get long-lasting Febreze freshness? There are seven great scents to pick from and you can even control the intensity at the touch of a button. It’s your car, your choice.

Prep for pet passengers
If you’ve got a dog, you may notice your car sometimes smells a little… well, doggie! The simplest way to get around this is to lay a couple of old blankets or towels on the back seat. That way your poochie passenger gets to travel with you, but your car seats stay smelling fresh.

Treat yourself to a pro-clean
There’s nothing like the occasional steam-clean to make your car look and feel good as new.

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Gezza 26/06/2016

Absoulutly love the freshness this product leaves anything smelling fresh

My car smells like brand new

Kittyme 30/05/2016

I love the smell of a brand new car and thanks to Febreze car freshener my car always smells like I've just driven it home from the car showroom.


torradisturb 29/05/2016

What a great product you can't go wrong with the aroma it throws out so clean and fresh it's the only product to be seen with

Febreeze for car

Tommytick11 29/05/2016

The car has a great fresh smell to it now even after long car journey with the dog. Its a pleasant calming aroma that seems to linger on yourself even after leaving the car l heartily recommend this product.

Alternative way

Ppeach 29/05/2016

Yes you can use febreze car freshener all day long but there is also another way to get rid of the smell inside the car as well as the engine water container bacteria. I used Zoflora in my car engine water a capful of zoflora mixed with screen wash & top up the water container & viola you have instant freshener whenever you wash your windscreen.

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