Yes, you CAN wear white in your 50s- and beyond

Yes, you CAN wear white in your 50s- and beyond

Thought white wasn't for you? Not true! We share the new ways to wear this wardrobe staple.

Thought white wasn’t for you? Not true! We share the new ways to wear this wardrobe staple.

It might be a timeless choice for balmy winter-sun holidays, but white looks chic all year round, from fresh spring linens to snowy winter coats.

And while it’s a perennial wardrobe classic, it’s having a real moment this year, because while it was everywhere on the high street this summer, it’s even more popular for autumn/winter, showing up on countless catwalks and new-season collections.

Knowing how to style white – not to mention keeping it crisp and clean – can seem tricky, but the right pieces can transition beautifully through the seasons. Here are some of the cleverest ways to wear it.

Clean up in denim

Yes, you can wear white jeans! Thicker, structured denim that doesn’t hug the skin too closely is the most flattering and modern way to wear them, and a straight-legged cut that finishes just above the ankle really does look chic and fashionable at every age.

Alternatively, for summery days or winter holidays on the beach, go for cropped white jeans in a thinner stretch denim, for relaxed comfort in warm weather.

The real beauty of them is that you can dress them up with a tailored blazer or use them to create a more casual look with a silky blouse – as long as they’re bright and clean, they even look sharp with a simple cotton T-shirt.

Flirt in a skirt

Pencil skirts have been replaced with the flirty, retro A-line shape this season. Extremely flattering, a white version that finishes at the knee will make any top, from a button-up shirt to a V-neck T, look modern and fun.

Tailor a blazer

A crisp white blazer will see you through summer weddings, lunches with friends and business meetings. Pair with white trousers for a striking, elegant look, layer over a floral dress for an uplifting party outfit, or throw it on over jeans to glam up a casual look.

Wrap up for winter

A tailored white or cream coat is a great alternative to winter camel or black, adding a touch of snow-queen luxury to your cold-weather clothes. It pairs well with everything from black jeans to smart work dresses, and can look striking with black opaque tights too.

Button up in a blouse

A silky white blouse or crisp, starched white shirt can make you feel instantly smarter and more confident – and once you find ‘the one’, you’ll wear it again and again. To keep it modern this season, look for tailored cuts or ruffled sleeves.

Don’t be late to lace

Fashion’s prettiest summer trend saw sheer white lace detailing on sleeves and necklines or layered underneath a cotton shirt, and it looks just as good for autumn, bringing a touch of Victoriana to the season. It’s a great option with jeans and looks beautiful everywhere from an evening party to a romantic candlelit dinner date.

Dress to impress

A white wrap dress is simple and chic, plus it looks just as striking with bright red lips as it does dressed-down with white trainers and a straw hat.

Fifty shades of white

There really is no such thing as too much white this summer. Layer white tunic tops over white trousers, or wear a white cardigan over a white dress.

And keeping white clothing looking new and sharp is easy with Ariel 3in1 Pods, specially formulated to keep whites at their brilliant best and as crisp and clean as possible.

And tempting though it is, we recommend never mixing whites with colours – even light ones. It only takes one errant sock and suddenly your wardrobe is all about pastel pink instead!

Check out our tips on how to keep your clothes looking new for tips and advice on keeping your summer clothes in mint condition.

How do you like to wear white in the summer? Share your styling tips with us below

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Jenny 12/09/2017

I am 69 and wear white jeans jeggings & leggings With a nice top I feel good and if I feel good life is good 😁😀

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