How to tackle those unexpected Christmas cleaning challenges

How to tackle those unexpected Christmas cleaning challenges

From pine needles to glitter, Christmas brings some tricky cleaning jobs along with all the fun. Here’s how to deal with whatever the festive season brings.

From pine needles to glitter, Christmas brings some tricky cleaning jobs along with all the fun. Here’s how to deal with whatever the festive season brings.

It’s a special time of year, but Christmas brings its own special kind of mess too. There are pine needles falling off the Christmas tree, tinsel scattered all over the floor and torn-off bits of wrapping paper stuck behind the sofa.

And that’s not to mention the greasy build-up on the kitchen hob and surfaces from all your cooking and baking.

Yep, Christmas certainly presents some unique cleaning challenges, but tidying up after the festive season needn’t send your stress levels soaring. Just try these handy ways to tackle Christmas messes without any fuss.

Use duct tape for pine needle pick-up

Christmas trees inevitably shed their pine needles – especially if they’re near a radiator – which can be tricky to clean up. But rather than struggling with a broom or hoover, try simply peeling off a piece of duct tape and using the sticky side to collect the tree needles off the floor.

The duct tape is effective on both carpet and wooden floors and makes disposing of pesky pine needles simple and easy.

And baby wipes for tinsel and glitter

One great hack for cleaning up pesky glitter and bits of tinsel is using baby wipes. They pick up even the smallest pieces and are soft on your surfaces!

Tackle kitchen grease in a Flash

If you’ve been prepping classic Christmas items such as bacon to jazz up the Brussels sprouts, or tipping potatoes into hot fat for roasties, chances are your kitchen surfaces are starting to build up a greasy residue.

Try using Flash kitchen spray: it has the degreasing effect of Fairy to help cut through tough grease and make your post-dinner clean-up a breeze.

Plan ahead

Before you start unwrapping presents, make sure you have a bin bag or recycling bin on hand to immediately discard of used wrapping paper. This way, you won’t find stray bits of wrapping paper in unexpected places for months on end.

Get the kids or grandkids involved

Once the big day is over, make taking the decorations down as fun as putting them up. Assign roles for everyone involved: one to get ornaments off, one to sort them, one to box them up, and so on. Play your favourite Christmas tunes and get some goodies ready to reward everyone when it’s all done.

This way, the cleaning will go faster and be much more fun. Make sure you give any larger decorations a wipe over before you put them away, so they’ll be ready to use straight out of the attic next year.

What are your favourite tips and tricks for the post-Christmas clean-up? Let us know in the comments below.

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None of That Thanks

OnlyMe1 26/11/2017

Cleaning is for after the big day, whatever happens, happens, don't worry or stress about it, it will still be there the next day. Enjoy the day to the fullest you possibly can, making memories with your loved ones or friends, doing whatever it is that makes you happy. AS AN ASIDE @Hamsterchick says to wash grease down the drain… DO NOT DO THAT! It clogs up the sewers badly. Instead, put it in a container you would be throwing out anyway, like a plastic bag, fasten it and put it in the bin.

Kitchen grease

Hamsterchic 24/11/2017

Especially down the sink , save a Christmas call out to unblock your drain. Put some Soda crystals in the plug hole and add hot water. Soak oven glove in soda solution before washing to get out grease.

Soak greasy plates and pans

babyhk 22/11/2017

Greasy turkey dinner plates can really clog up your dishwasher .I soak first in hot water and Fairy liquid before I put in dishwasher . Fairy platinum dishwasher tablets may be more expensive than some supermarket brands but they really make your plates and glasses sparkle and there is no scum - only need the 1 wash so really they aren't that pricey . My dishwasher is still going strong after 9 years with no repairs .

The Pogues


Ideal guests would be The Pogues; we'd have them singing fairytale of new york none stop!!

Flash kitchen spray

invictus 17/11/2017

I will stock up on Flash kitchen spray as it is my go to for keeping the house clean

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