4 hacks to tackle Christmas cleaning challenges

4 hacks to tackle Christmas cleaning challenges

From pine needles to glitter – Christmas brings some tricky cleaning jobs along with all the fun. Here are four shortcuts to help keep those jobs, well, short…


From pine needles to glitter – Christmas brings some tricky cleaning jobs along with all the fun. Here are four shortcuts to help keep those jobs, well, short…

It’s a special time of year, but Christmas brings its own special kind of mess too. There are pine needles falling off the Christmas tree, tinsel scattered all over the floor and wrapping paper, well, EVERYWHERE.

And that’s not to mention the greasy build-up on the kitchen hob and surfaces from all your cooking and baking.

Yep, Christmas certainly presents some unique cleaning challenges, but tidying up after the festive season needn’t send your stress levels soaring. Just try these handy ways to tackle Christmas messes without any fuss.

Use duct tape for pine needle pick-up

Christmas trees inevitably shed their pine needles – especially if they’re near a radiator – which can be tricky to clean up. But rather than struggling with a broom or hoover, try simply peeling off a piece of duct tape and using the sticky side to collect the tree needles off the floor.

The duct tape is effective on both carpet and wooden floors and makes disposing of pesky pine needles simple and easy.

And baby wipes for tinsel and glitter

One great hack for cleaning up pesky glitter and bits of tinsel is to use baby wipes. They pick up even the smallest pieces and are soft on your surfaces!

Tackle kitchen grease in a Flash

If you’ve been prepping classic Christmas items such as bacon to jazz up the Brussels sprouts, or tipping potatoes into hot fat for roasties, chances are your kitchen surfaces are starting to build up a greasy residue.

To tackle this, simply upgrade your cleaning product to Flash Ultra Spray in Lemon or Fresh. This powerful spray removes up to 100% of dirt, grease and grime, leaving nothing but a fresh or citrusy scent behind. It’s perfect for tough, greasy stains on splattered stainless steel and cooking hobs.

Plus it’s great on bathroom grime too, so you can get two tasks done in one go!

Don’t waste wrapping paper

When presents are being opened, keep a recycling bin bag on hand to get rid of any scraps straight away. Then pop bigger, unspoilt pieces and anything with glitter or a shiny finish (which can’t be recycled) into a shoe box or similar.

Then you can keep this for future crafts when the grandkids come over, or shred it into strips to use as gift bag stuffing.

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What are your favourite tips and tricks for a quick clean-up? Let us know in the comments below.

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Tumble dryer sheets

AbbyAtkinson 15/01/2020

Use tumble dryer sheets to wipe up dust - bonus is that it leaves your house smelling lovely!

Ariel powder for sneaky stains


Make sure to have some Ariel powder to remove any stains in case you spill some of your mulled wine!

Best spray yet


Flash ultra spray lemon , smells so citrusy I cannot get enough of it. It leaves my kitchen units smelling great , yet sparkling clean , I could not recommend enough.

Glass were


1 got dull cloudy glasses.? Place your glassware in the sink and allow it to soak in a mixture of water and vinegar soak for awhile, use a cloth then rub off any water spots that still remain. Your classes will sparkle like new.2 Cleaning a blender can be hard to get all your food out from the bottom. Fill your blender with a cup of water and a few drops of dish soap. Let the blender run for a minute tip the water out good rinse let it dry.

Quick to clean

Ruby 01/12/2019

Keep on top of the mess. Have been buying FLASH products for years and this flash spray I’m sure will not let you down. Spray, wipe and bingo, all cleaned.

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