How to make your bathroom feel like a relaxing at-home spa

How to make your bathroom feel like a relaxing at-home spa

Is it possible to have the relaxing experience of a spa in your own home without the costly bill? With a few simple tweaks, definitely. Here’s how…

Is it possible to have the relaxing experience of a spa in your own home without the costly bill? With a few simple tweaks, definitely. Here’s how…

It’s probably been years since you’ve had the time to enjoy anything longer than a rushed shower – so now that you have a bit more time to luxuriate without the kids banging on the door, why not turn your bathroom into your own mini spa-like sanctuary?

While you might have to forgo the swimming pool and massage therapist, it is possible to change your functional bathroom into an oasis of calm. Here, we reveal the secrets that will help your bathroom reach its full spa potential.

Address the mess

Dirty clothes on the floor, half bottles of shampoo lining the shower, and years-old toiletries stashed away at the back of cupboards. All of these things need to be dealt with first to create a feeling of Zen.

Ensure you have a big laundry basket for the clothes and go through all your toiletries to create an edited selection of the products you use and love.

Now give everything a deep clean. Use Viakal Limescale Remover Spray on your stainless steel and tiles to dissolve limescale and watermarks, leaving your bathroom shining without being harsh on surfaces.

Go all soft

Sometimes in life you need to treat yourself and upgrade. While it might seem that there’s still plenty of life left in those old towels, investing in deep-pile, thick and luxurious towels and dressing gowns will instantly give you that spa feeling.

Make your bath blissful

Of course, replacing your tub for a large plunge bath is costly, however you can now buy whirlpool mats that lie on the bottom of your bath and create those spa-like jets, which is a relaxing compromise.

There is also no substitute for plenty of bubbles. If you have trouble sleeping, try lavender-scented bubble bath to relax.



Incorporate sweet aromas

Scents cause powerful reactions in the body and can make you feel calmer, or more energised and brighten your mood. Make your bathroom smell divine with scent diffusers and candles.

Have several that you can switch according to how you are feeling. Try the light, woody aroma of sandalwood, which is said to be calming and healing, while jasmine promotes happiness, and the sweet scent of neroli has been used since Egyptian times as an antidepressant.

Go for a glow

It’s amazing the effect lighting can have on the feel of a room. And while you will probably have designed the lighting in your living room and kitchen, the bathroom often gets neglected.

Instead of having a single light in the middle of the room, opt for wall lights around the edge for a softer feel. Or for a cheaper fix, swap your clear bulbs for opaque or low-wattage ones to give a warmer glow. You could then install a brightly lit make-up mirror for when you need a clearer view.

Don’t ignore the details

For a more luxurious feel, swap your sheet glass mirror for one that’s in a frame to make it more of a feature.

Add a hand wash and lotion set by the sink, and no room ever looked worse off for having a pretty bunch of flowers on the windowsill.

Create a wet room

For a bigger renovation project, turn your bathroom into a wet room by using the same large tiles on both the floor and walls. Opt for sandstone or warm, natural-coloured tiles, avoiding cold whites and marble. Keep the tiles looking like new with the tough Flash Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner.

If you are replacing the floor tiles, it is a great opportunity to add in underfloor heating. You will need either an electrician or a plumber to fit it depending on whether you are having electric or central heating-based heating, but your cosy toes will thank you.

While you’re in the mood for renovation, why not give that once-upon-a-time kid’s room a five-star makeover? Click here for ideas.

What do you think about these ideas – are they something you’d tried or have already done and would recommend? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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Old and tired

Dubaichic 21/11/2017

And that’s not just me, it’s my bathroom too. My bathroom has many things wrong with it but with a low budget, its little things to to make it better. I have used tile transfers to brighten and modernise my tiles, I replaced the parque floor tiles with wooden effect laminate, I will pop a nicer more calming bulb into the room just soften.When I have a bath I use candle lights and put the lights off, and where there is a bath there are bubbles and lavender in my house❤️

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