How to make cheap clothes seem luxurious

How to make cheap clothes seem luxurious

High-street bargains can be part of even the most committed fashionista’s wardrobe. Just follow these tips to get the smart shopper look.

High-street bargains can be part of even the most committed fashionista’s wardrobe. Just follow these tips to get the smart shopper look.

Bagging a bargain is great, but it’s even better when no one can tell the difference between your cut-price clothes and expensive designer pieces.

After all, even top celebrities now love to mix in high-street brands with their high-end fashion to show that they’re smart shoppers.

But how do you make sure your look is smart and sophisticated rather than bargain basement? Try these tips on for size.

Match it with elegant jewellery

A flash of gold or some glittering jewels will draw the eye and add a note of luxury to even the simplest and cheapest of basics.

Try to invest in a small number of versatile, high-quality pieces rather than lots of costume jewellery. Signature pieces like this will have more impact on lifting your look, and unlike your clothes, they’ll never wear out.

Mix high- and low-end pieces

This is the trick that celebrities and dedicated fashionistas have made their own. Mixing up some simple, low-cost basics with one or two sophisticated pieces is one of the most effective ways of elevating cheap clothes.

Try having one or two high-quality tailored pieces like a blazer or a smart coat in your wardrobe. Then you can match them with all kinds of cheap T-shirts and dresses to create a host of outfits.

Get it tailored

It’s the biggest luxury of all: clothes that really fit. By the time a tailor has finished making a cheap dress a perfect match to your figure, it’ll look like something much pricier for a fraction of the cost.

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can make an even bigger saving by making alterations yourself.

Choose natural fibres

Cheap clothes and expensive gear both tend to look great in the shop and on the first wear. It’s after a few cycles of wearing and washing that the gap in quality tends to make itself clear.

Shiny, obviously synthetic fabric is one of the giveaways of cheap clothes. So you can help ensure your bargain-hunting stays stealthy by focusing on natural fibres like cotton, linen, silk and wool.

Make it feel and smell luxurious

Clothes aren’t all about surface appearances. Luxury can be about the way they feel and smell too. To make sure your clothing bargains are soft and incredibly fragrant, try washing them Bold Silk Flower & Gold Freesia, now available in pods and powder.

The built-in fabric softener keeps clothes feeling soft to the touch, while the elegant fragrance wraps you in the scent of silk tree flowers, mallow blossoms and a touch of almond milk. It’s a rich, pampering experience – however much the clothes cost.

What are your favourite tips for dressing up your high-street bargains? Let us know in the comments.

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Ang60 08/08/2017

It seems ironing clothes is out of fashion these days looking around at people, and while some clothes look OK unironed and just hung when damp, or fluffed in the dryer, cheap clothes just look exactly what they are if left unironed, that! When making the most of my cheaper, high street clothing I always make sure to iron them really well. I use the hottest temperature possible, I always use steam, plus I use scented ironing water or light spray starch, depending on the material!

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