Christmas home décor 2016 trends

Christmas home décor 2016 trends

Felt decorations, personalised baubles and Scandi-style soft furnishings – just a few of the details to plan into your festive season, says Lynnette Peck.

Felt decorations, personalised baubles and Scandi-style soft furnishings – just a few of the details to plan into your festive season, says Lynnette Peck.

Decorating the house pre-festivities used to be so simple – get the big battered old cardboard box full of decorations, lights, tinsel and baubles out of the loft and put them up yet again. But these days, some of us ‘style’ our homes in December (yup, that’s me) in the same way we might buy the latest fashionable winter coat (large, pink, puffy since you ask, from M&S).

Time for a change

I appreciate that not everyone rushes out to buy all-new decorations, but if I guide you through the home trends for winter 2016, you can always adapt what you have, leave the cheesier stuff in the attic, and buy a couple of great new additions that will makeover your seasonal look to great effect.

The latest colours

There are three key colour trends you can opt for (only go for one though, unless you want a headache).

  • Cool grey – cool grey is everywhere and gives a festive feeling of winter skies, frost and translucent light. I am currently coveting the complete Denby Halo ( 16-piece dinner set, a speckled two-tone grey and blue thing of wondrousness. Christmas lunch would be even more magical.
  • Metallics – which is a trend that has been around for a couple of years and doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon. Think copper, gold and silver for Christmas. I like It is part of a trend for ‘opulent luxe’ pieces in the home, inspired by historical and mystical interiors. Metallics will give any home a rich and opulent feel, which is perfect for winter.
  • Skandi-style – have fun with red and white furnishings. Christmas stockings, baubles and bed covers. I am currently keen on cushions. Red and white is a great classic won’t-go-out-of-fashion option too. If it is good enough for Santa…

Out there, man

If you want something a bit different then you can get LED everything. Not my personal taste, but if you want a home like Blackpool Illuminations then crack on and buy LED stars, reindeer heads, coloured lights and even photo frames. You can basically light up everything in your life now if you wish.

Christmas decoration trends

For winter ’16, I have noted that snow globes are making a comeback. Here are three more ways to shake it all up…

  • Personalisation – big now as we kick against globalisation and the homogeneity of the world. Christmas baubles with different letters of the alphabet on are popular (M&S Glass Pebble Bauble, John Lewis Monogram Bauble and; personalised Santa sacks, Christmas stockings and tea lights are also all available. You can pretty much put anyone’s initials, full name or a personal message on everything. This is a good way to combine decorating the home with giving a gift.
  • Felt and knitted animals – a huge trend (and my favourite, as a dog lover). Argos, Matalan and John Lewis all have mice, dog and owl decorations. Or you can make your own at home if you are handy with a knitting needle or have some felt. This is a fun way to get children and grandchildren involved in decorating.
  • Vintage kitsch – still popular (think crocheted cushions, wooden toys and lashings of tinsel) and retro pieces that express your own passions.

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Making memories

Rachael 06/12/2016

We have a lovely collection of old and new decorations. Some bought on winter holidays and even some bunting that I have handmade. Christmas is about memories old and new.

Blow up Christmas


I think the time has come to pop the blow up stuff people put on the front of their houses. They are tacky & look cheap. (although expensive tat). Santa climbing the house, Blow up trees. Really outdated now.

homecrafted Christmas

Probatequeen 17/11/2016

I love the home crafted items and have made felt decorations for my mantelpiece. My daughter (now 22) still uses the stocking, with her name on, which I made for her when she was a baby! As a child we always made our own decorations for Christmas from crepe paper. I do have some bought decorations, from the countries we have visited on holiday to remind us of those sunny breaks over the years.

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