Home hacks every woman over 50 should know

Home hacks every woman over 50 should know

It’s okay, we didn’t know them either…

It’s okay, we didn’t know them either…

Every now and then, you get told something that makes you wonder how you’ve managed to get through life this far without figuring it out for yourself.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are seven hacks that have recently blown our minds…

Hack 1: the saucy trick

After stirring cooking sauce, instead of precariously balancing the wooden spoon on the edge of the pan or getting sauce on your kitchen surface, pop the bottom of the spoon in the little hole at the end of the pan handle. It should balance perfectly so that even if any sauce drips, it lands right back in the pan.

Hack 2: the foil fixer

We’ve probably lost hours of our lives battling with the kitchen foil, as the roll always tries to fight its way out of the box. But the clever designers have supplied push-in tabs at both ends of the box, which then secure the roll so it stays put when you unravel the foil. They’ve been there and ready to help all along! Palm, forehead.

Hack 3: do you Pod?

Instead of spilling liquid detergent all over the floor or faffing about with powder and detergent drawers, use an Ariel 3in1 Pod. It’s three kinds of concentrated detergent wrapped up in one neat little package, so you can simply throw the Pod in the drum before you load it with laundry, hit the start button and you’re away. No mess, no fuss, and superior cleaning.

Hack 4: get it ripe

Avocados seem to go from rock hard to mushy in a matter of hours, but to check yours is ripe and ready, simply remove the stem. If the flesh underneath is dark brown, it’s past its best. If it’s more of a yellow colour, it’s just right.

Hack 5: when life gives you lemons…

Slice them lengthways rather than sideways. It makes them much easier to grip and squeeze out the juice.

Hack 6: grape idea

Perfect for summer when you’re dining al-fresco: freeze a generous handful of grapes and use these instead of ice to keep your favourite white or rose cool without watering it down.

Hack 7: use your loaf

It’s near impossible not to squish your lovely loaf of crusty bread when you try to slice it – unless, that is, you turn it upside down first. The harder bottom means you can saw through it without squashing the soft part of the bread.

Do you have any hacks you’d like to share? Let us know your savvy tips in the comments section below…

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Dishwasher and washing machine

Janeanne 21/12/2018

Has anyone tried putting a cup of white vinegar in the softener drawer if your washing machine? Well it helps soften your clothes and a bit of bicarbonate will deodorize your washing it's great for cleaning your dishwasher too both are so cheap and are always in my cupboard don't worry you can't smell the vinegar on your washing good luck.



Love these tips, super helpful.

The Saucy Trick

GLORIA 30/06/2018

Hi Just signed up today and, fantastic, to come across the spoon on saucepan handle. Great idea. Keep up the good work. Gloria Hall

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