Hinch tips to freshen up while cutting down chores

Hinch tips to freshen up while cutting down chores

Save time on extra cleaning jobs with our tips to keep things fresher for longer – using Mrs Hinch’s favourite products!


Save time on extra cleaning jobs with our tips to keep things fresher for longer – using Mrs Hinch’s favourite products!

Mrs Hinch loves to clean. She regularly shares cleaning tips and tricks with her 2.3million (and growing!) followers – aka the Hinchers – including what her favourite products are to use in her family home in Essex.

From Febreze to Fairy, we’ve rounded up some of her favourite P&G products here. Plus if – unlike Mrs Hinch – you don’t love to clean, we’ve focused on tips that help you skip extra chores and save you time. Perfect!

Get one more wear from your T-shirt

No time to do the laundry today? No worries. Give your clothes a little refresh with Mrs Hinch’s tried-and-trusted trick – a spritz of Febreze Fabric Refresher Spray. OdourClear technology cleans away any embarrassing lingering odours trapped in the fabrics and releases them back into the air. Unlike a squirt of perfume that simply masks odours, Febreze cleans them away for good. Leaving fabrics fresh and yesterday’s top good to go another day.

Stop scrubbing at limescale

Chalky limescale, which often builds up around your taps and showerheads, can be a real elbow-grease job if you don’t use the right product. But Mrs Hinch knows that Viakal Limescale Remover will dissolve it in minutes.

In fact, she prevents limescale build-up altogether by making Viakal part of her regular bathroom routine: “The first thing I do is spray the shower and taps with Viakal. I love the stuff, I’ve used it from day one,” she writes on her Instagram page.

She then leaves it to work its magic for five minutes while she takes care of the rest of the bathroom. Done!

Sleep in your sheets an extra day

Nothing beats the feeling of slipping into fresh bedsheets with that just-washed smell, but Febreze Fabric Refresher Spray comes close! Take a leaf out of Mrs Hinch’s book and give clean sheets a spritz to keep them smelling fresher for longer, so you can put off the cumbersome duvet cover wrestle an extra day or two.

Cleaning out the fridge

Mrs Hinch makes this laborious job easier by using fridge shelf liners. These colourful additions mean you can simply remove them instead of the shelves, making cleaning the fridge a much easier task. Give them a wash in the sink, along with any fridge baskets you may have, with some warm water and a squirt of Fairy Liquid, leave them to dry and pop them back in. Done!

What are your cleaning secrets? Let us know below!

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White vinegar


I use this for numerous cleaning jobs- limescale, cleaning the washing machine and the kettle.



Plan ahead and do something every day rather than spending hours at it at a weekend. I used to clean the sink at night before bed which didn't take long, and give the shower a thorough going over on a Saturday when I had a little more time. Washing would often go on a timer so I could have it ready for when I got in from work.

Bicarb of soda and vinegar


Bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar is my go to for cleaning drains and plug holes.



Want your windows to sparkle? Vinegar. Want to unblock those drains? Vinegar. Want your towels fluffy? Vinegar. Earned yourself some chips after all those chores? Don't forget your vinegar!

Hairspray so amazing


My hack has to be using hairspray to remove pen off walls and radiators! It’s the only thing that works that I have found.

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