Seven ways to give your clothes the care they deserve

Seven ways to give your clothes the care they deserve

A wardrobe that’s taken a lifetime to create deserves the best of care. Here’s our guide to extending the life of your favourite clothes.

When all those years of bargain-hunting have really paid off, there’s a real sense of satisfaction when you’ve got your style and wardrobe sorted. So it’s no wonder that your collection of all-time favourites, classic pieces and unique designs means a lot to you. Naturally, you’ll want to take great care of it, keep it in perfect condition and make sure you get as much life out of it as possible. No problem: our guide makes looking after your wardrobe treasures simple.

1. Use proper wooden hangers
It’s easy to end up with a wardrobe full of wire hangers picked up with the dry cleaning. But they’re only meant to be temporary, and they aren’t doing everything they should to keep your clothes in great shape. It doesn’t cost much to invest in a set of real wooden hangers and you’ll see the benefit in your clothes. For extra care, look for options like cedarwood – a natural pest repellent – or padded hangers for delicate items.

2. Protect valuable clothes with garment covers
If you’ve got a wardrobe of a reasonable size, some items can hang around unworn for a while. Storing them in garment bags will protect them from dust, dirt and pests, while they wait for their moment in the spotlight. Experts recommend using a breathable cover made from natural fibres such as cotton, which allow the air to circulate, keeping the fibres in top condition until you’re ready for that special occasion.

3. Wash with Ariel 3-in-1 pods
Keeping your clothes clean is the essential first step in maintaining their lifespan and ensuring they look their best. So you don’t want to skimp on detergent.

Ariel 3-in-1 pods have a unique multi-compartment design to keep the ingredients separate until they reach the wash, where they clean, lift stains and brighten whites. That means they can combine the brightness of powder, the care of liquid and the simplicity of just popping in a capsule.

4. Keep moths at bay
It’s a wardrobe horror story: you take out a favorite cashmere jumper only to find it has been horrendously mutilated since you last wore it. Clothes moths are the stylish woman’s worst enemy.

If you’re under attack from moths, it’s best to call in pest control experts. But you can prevent infestations. Try vigilant vacuuming in hard-to-reach areas, using fly screens at night to keep moths out, storing your clothes in protective bags and cleaning them before you put them away – the moth larvae are only attracted to soiled fabrics. And of course use moth-repelling lavender and cedar, sticky moth traps and specially designed sprays where necessary.

5. Add a long-lasting fresh scent
Adding lavender bags is the perfect finishing touch to your moth-protected wardrobe: they can’t stand its smell, although to us it’s delightful. And if you want even more long-lasting freshness on your clothes, try putting Lenor Amber Flower in the wash.

It features Perfume Micro Capsules that slowly release a delicate flower and fruit scent, with bright bittersweet orange notes, intense white musk and vibrant gardenia. And it’ll also help to keep your fabrics in amazing condition, so you can enjoy your favourite clothes for longer.

6. Change with the seasons

Keeping your wardrobe organised and under control is one secret to taking good care of your clothes: you’ll find it easier to keep the wardrobe clean and free of pests. As your clothes collection gets larger, that means having an occasional clear-out and packing away those heavy coats in spring or the bikinis and shorts in October. Clean everything before you start, then pack it all away in breathable garment bags, vacuum storage or folded neatly in plastic bins.

7. Keep on top of repairs

“A stitch in time saves nine”? There’s actually a lot of wisdom in that old saying. Making sure you repair small problems promptly can extend the life of your favourite clothes and shoes and prevent them falling apart altogether. Try to set aside a morning every few months to fix any frayed hems or busted heels before they become major problems. And you can also use your seasonal changeovers as a time to take stock and see if any items are wearing out.

What are your tips and tricks for keeping clothes fresh? Let us know in the comments below.

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GillQ 12/09/2016

Ariel 3 in 1 tabs are great for all my washing, getting rid of all stains and leaving the laundry smelling fresh and clean


brendaandtonydixon 08/09/2016

thanks for all the tips I will have to put these to use

Clean and fresh

tonibolt 08/09/2016

Make sure any marks or stains have completely gone before drying to avoid a really dried in stain. Not a problem with Ariel which is my favourite laundry product

Fresh laundrys

Jackie 07/09/2016

Ariel always gets the clothes lovely fresh smell great all around wash

Keeping your clothes fresh

Bigboaky 08/08/2016

After using a areal put on the washing to give them a nice fresh feel good feeling

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