Looking good in the garden

Looking good in the garden

You might not believe it, but style and soil really can go together. So why not ditch the old cast-offs and treat yourself to a chic gardening outfit?

Gardening is a great way to unwind from the week’s stresses and restore your spirits with nature’s beauty. And while there’s nothing wrong with chucking on your son’s old T-shirt and a worn-out pair of your husband’s jeans when you head out for some weeding, there are also stylish, comfortable and hard-wearing options.

With a gardening outfit like this, you won’t need to worry if you hear the doorbell ring with unexpected visitors. And it’s perfect for those of us who are too busy to devote whole days to the garden: you can pick an outfit that can do double duty, whether it’s digging and grappling with thorns or popping out for a casual Sunday brunch. Here’s what you’ll need:

Jacket: Layering is the key to dressing for the garden, so you can be ready for a change in the weather or cool down when you start to work up a sweat. Look for something roomy, with hard-wearing fabrics in breathable natural materials. Or for those transitional seasons when it’s not quite clear what the weather is going to do, try a gilet, which adds a bit of warmth but leaves your arms free for work.

Jeans or gardener’s trousers: There’s a reason why we nick a pair of our husbands’ old jeans for the garden – a loose fit makes for easier stretching and bending while you work. But for a more comfortable fit and trousers that aren’t already worn to shreds, a pair of easy-going boyfriend jeans is just the thing. Or go one better with a purpose-made pair of gardening trousers, reinforced at the knees for dedicated weeders, and equipped with pockets for all your essential tools.

Apron: A gardener’s apron is a great way of turning an everyday outfit into a gardening outfit in one easy step. It protects you from dirt and offers pockets for everything from secateurs to seeds. Look for a short length that leaves you room to move.

Gloves: These are an absolute essential for keeping warm, saving you from stray thorns and protecting your investment in your manicure. After all, “green fingers” is supposed to be just a figure of speech! Look for a pair that are light and strong, with a thermal lining for winter, and machine washable to save you time.

Headgear: The right hat can keep your face and neck shaded from the sun while adding a touch of flair to a work outfit. Try a straw hat for a great blend of practicality and rustic charm. Or you can tie up long hair in a bandana to absorb the sweat and create a timeless hard-working yet feminine look.

Boots: There’s a wealth of options here, so pick the right one for the circumstances. Classic green wellies are perfect for wet weather: add a pair of fleece socks for extra warmth and comfort. Or try a pair of leather work-boots for a versatile look that’s rugged enough for digging earth but smart enough for a walk to the shops.

Staying fresh among the flora
Now that you’ve got a chic and practical ensemble worked out, you’ll want to keep it that way. But working hard on a hot day, digging compost or lighting a bonfire can all leave your clothes smelling a little less than fragrant. Help is at hand with Lenor: its freshness technology includes perfumed micro capsules which gradually release bursts of fragrance, such as our Cotton Flowers or Almond Oils scents. So while you work, it works too!

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