Five tips for hosting the ultimate Christmas party

Five tips for hosting the ultimate Christmas party

If you’re playing hostess this festive season, you’ll undoubtedly have a project on your hands. But with these easy tips, your soirée should go smoothly.

If you’re playing hostess this festive season, you’ll undoubtedly have a project on your hands. But with these easy tips, your soirée should go smoothly.

It’s that time again: drinks, dinners and events are plentiful, and this year you’ve decided to host a party for your friends. You haven’t seen them in a while, so you’re keen to impress, but there are so many other things you have to juggle during the Christmas season.

Here are some simple tips to help make sure your Christmas party is fuss-free for you and fun for your guests.

1. Prep, prep and prep some more

There’s a lot you can do ahead of time. If you’re cooking a dish you haven’t made before, do a trial run when you have the time to go through the recipe at your own pace.

Lay the table and put up decorations the night before, choose canapés that can be made ahead of time and put drinks in the fridge so they’re chilled when guests arrive.

For classy party food inspiration, check out our Easy-peasy low-calorie Christmas canapés

2. Clean as you go

As unappealing as it sounds, don’t let the pots and pans pile up. It’s much easier to clean as you go along. Or even better, enlist your partner on pot-washing duty.

If you’re cooking dishes with strong odours (like fish or curry), or you’re worried about smelly pets, get rid of nasty smells before the guests arrive. Use Febreze Air Effects to freshen and clean the air in your home, either from the food you’ve prepared or your furry friends. Febreze doesn’t just mask smells, but instead uses special OdorClear technology to neutralise and get rid of bad odour molecules, leaving behind a pleasantly subtle scent.

3. Make it interactive (and so easier on you!)

Dedicate some space to turn into a bar and let guests make their own drinks. Make it fun and provide the ingredients for a ‘DIY cocktail’ area.

If you’re sitting down for food, place things in the middle of the table and get guests to pass them around – it not only gets guests talking, but also saves you spending time dishing up in the kitchen. You could even invest in a Lazy Susan so it’s easy for guests to move the dishes from person to person.

You could also delegate jobs such as keeping drinks topped up or helping tidy the table to your partner and kids, giving you less to worry about!

4. Festive ice breakers

Give out fun and festive hats for guests to wear as they arrive. If you’re sitting down for dinner, ask guests to swap seats at each course to get chatting to different people.

We might all take photos on our phones now, but Polaroid cameras can also be lots of fun and provide guests with a nice takeaway to remember the night. This will help everyone loosen up and bring people together – even better if you have some funny or festive photo props, like reindeer antlers and Santa’s hats.

5. Have fun and help your guests relax

The party attitude starts with you, so stay relaxed and cheerful, even if the cake caves in and the roast potatoes burn.

Make a playlist of your favourite music mixed with some festive classics, set the mood lighting and answer the door in socks or barefoot to make guests feel comfortable.

At the end of the day, it’s your home, so make your own rules, and enjoy yourself!

Vanilla latte, pine, cranberry or spiced apple… what’s your favourite festive scent? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Why do all the work yourself

babyhk 22/11/2017

If you are hosting the party with close friends as guests then ask them to bring something . My sister and both do this . Some guests with children don't want to drink so this helps if they bring some crisps or nuts . Why should the host have to do all the work ? It makes them feel comfortable to ask us to do the same.

I love the smell of christmas

Dubaichic 21/11/2017

Spiced apple is my favourite scent, the smell of cinnamon and apples roaming through my rooms is wonderful. I usually go around spraying my cinnamon room scent before guest come and I do put in some fresh baked cinnamon buns and a fresh pot of coffee so that the smells hit them as they come in. I have 12 for Christmas dinner this year and I’m definitely going to set up a make your own cocktails at the bar . I have bought some Christmas selfie props too to have fun at the bar!

happy Christmas

hilda 21/11/2017

I love the smell (or flavour as I say) of spiced apple it lasts so long,gone are the days of perfumed candles you have the lovely aroma without the worry of fire. Great idea about changing the seating of guests I will try this. Don't forget the ice, as it does make all the diffirence to a cocktail

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