Five budget tricks that will transform your kitchen

Five budget tricks that will transform your kitchen

If your kitchen is looking tired and dated, you don’t need to remortgage your entire house to afford a new one. Simply give it a new look with these five DIY ideas.

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, but this means with all the action that happens in there, it can often become grubby and tired looking.

But by taking even one of these steps, you can give your kitchen a whole new look for a snip of the price of a remodel.

Clean and reorganise

The quickest and easiest way to refresh your kitchen is to clean it. But don’t just give it the usual wipe down.

Leaky bottles and crusty jars make kitchen cupboards a breeding ground for bacteria. So get all your items out and clean the insides with Flash Anti-Bac.

Use the opportunity to throw out food past its use by date and reorganise the contents of each cupboard.

When cleaning, use a Flash Magic Eraser, which will get rid of even the most stubborn, crusted-on grease around your cooker, oven, tiles and more – it’ll even remove the sauce splodges on the wall without damaging the paint underneath.

Don’t neglect your fridge, either. If you’re guilty of pinning everything from invitations (for parties that have already been and gone) to your grandkids’ drawings to your fridge, take them down.

Instead, pin the reminders and useful info to a corkboard and find another home for it. Our suggestion? Put it in the downstairs toilet. That way your husband is more likely to read it!

With your grandkids’ drawings, pick your favourites and make a collage with them and frame it. Then you can hang this on the kitchen wall and make it into a feature both you and they will be proud of.

Paint the cabinet doors

To give your kitchen a completely new look, all you need is a pot of paint.

Unscrew your kitchen cupboard doors and paint them in your colour of choice. A light olive green, duck egg blue or dove grey are great options. Or just go with a classic yellowy cream or white (although the latter will need more regular cleaning as it shows up every splodge and sticky fingerprint!).

For an added touch, replace the cabinet and drawer handles. If you’re going for a theme, buy a set that look modern or vintage, for example. Or go for an eclectic mix by scouring antiques shops and boutiques for unusual door handles and drawer knobs.

Create an accent wall

An accent wall is when you pick one wall to paint in a different colour to make it a focus of the room. Use your instinct as to what wall it should be, as it’s usually the one you would naturally focus on anyway: for example, the wall where the cooker hood, window or breakfast table is.

If you’ve stuck to a neutral colour on your cupboards, you can afford to go bold with your accent wall. Try a red or a deep purple, for example. If the wall is far away from where you’ll be cooking – for example by the dining table – you could even use patterned wallpaper.

If you’ve gone for a bold colour on your cabinets, it’s best to leave all the walls in a neutral or soft colour. You don’t want clashing colours to put you off your dinner!

Don’t hide everything away

Cooking is all about your senses, so make it feel like you want to smell, taste and touch things as soon as you walk in the kitchen.

Display your spices in a gorgeous spice rack, hang out your shiny pots, pans and utensils on a stylish hook rail (this is particularly great for small kitchens that lack storage space), install some floating shelves and display ornamental plates, cookware, plants and herbs in cute pots (if the shelves get a good amount of sunlight).

Buy stylish kitchen appliances

Your kitchen gadgets – such as your toaster, kettle and microwave - will likely always sit on your countertops, so it’s worth investing in ones that are both practical and stylish. You might end up splurging a bit of money here but it’s nothing compared to what you’d pay out for a whole new kitchen!

Match the appliances to the theme of your kitchen – so stainless steel for modern, or pastel colours with an art deco design for vintage. Cream appliances work well with a country cottage look.

To keep your new-look kitchen sparkling in minimum time, see our article on The 15-minute kitchen clean.

How do you give your rooms a budget makeover? Let us know in the comments section below.

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