Want to freshen up your life? Febreze has the answers

Want to freshen up your life? Febreze has the answers

From sneaky ways to put off the spring clean, to keeping your stored clothes fresh, Febreze can help – with no dangerous chemicals to worry about either.

From sneaky ways to put off the spring clean, to keeping your stored clothes fresh, Febreze can help – with no dangerous chemicals to worry about either.

Smooth over house-guest gripes

“I love having guests stay over at my place, but I struggle with smokers and their lingering odours! How can I address the smoky situation in a subtle way so they won’t be offended?”

Febreze says: It’s a tough one – you don’t want to offend your guests, but you shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable in your own home either. Luckily, most smokers understand that cigarette smoke isn’t everyone’s favourite scent, and are more than willing to do what they can to make up for it.

Politely request they smoke outdoors, and place a Febreze Air Freshener by the door so guests can clear the air after indulging. If that seems harsh, you can always make the space outside more welcoming for them, with a selection of ashtrays, chairs and some umbrellas or shelter from the weather.

Scented storage for seasonal changes

“Swapping my seasonal wardrobes is always a headache – my clothes always smell musty when they emerge from storage, so I have to do basket loads of laundry! Is there a secret to putting my clothes away so they smell clean and fresh when I unpack them?”

Febreze says: Prepping before you store is a great idea and it’ll definitely make that wardrobe swap a much happier occasion. Look to traditional wardrobe solutions such as mothballs, chalk, cedar and even baking soda to keep the usual wardrobe nasties at bay: cedar and mothballs are tried and true ways of keeping moths and carpet beetles from feasting on your clothes, while baking soda and chalk work to absorb dampness and odours.

But a quick spritz of Febreze Fabric Refresher before you pack everything away will send any musty odours packing and leave your clothes smelling so fresh and so clean – and if they smell of mothballs when they’re unpacked, spritz them again – it’s totally safe and naturally obliterates the molecules that cause smells, rather than just masking them.

Escape the terror of smelly teenagers

“My kids and their friends love hanging out at my place and they often come over after school. But while I enjoy having them over, they can be just a TEENSY bit smelly! How can I keep my home (and my sofa) from permanently smelling like sweaty teenage boys?”

Febreze says: ‘Eau de Teenage Boy’ is one of the most distinctive smells – it seems to waft all through the house and can be difficult to eliminate. But there’s no need to give the boys the boot just yet. A Febreze Fabric Refresher is an easy fix for any smelly fabrics – just spritz on the affected areas to restore them to their pristine-smelling state.

If you absolutely can’t stand the odours and want it gone immediately, try a Febreze Air Freshener – a quick spray will sort you out, and because it’s water-based, low in alcohol and has a 100% natural propellant, you know it’s safe to use around the family home. Which means your house smells as pleasant as can be – no matter how many sweaty teenage boys you have over.

Blitz away holiday horrors

“My family loves any kind of holiday, from camping to holiday home rentals to resorts. Problem is, the accommodation sometimes smells awful when we get there, whether it’s a stale tent or a house that people have smoked in. What’s the solution?”

Febreze says: Don’t you hate it when you finally arrive on your holiday only to realise you’ll have to spend hours cleaning before you can settle in and relax?

While we can’t help with the dusting, we do have a solution for the mustiness. Pack some Febreze Fabric Refresher to spritz everywhere from beds to soft furnishings, and the place will soon smell like home. In fact, you could even take Febreze Air Freshener with you on holiday to sort out any nasty niffs – safe in the knowledge that it’s, well, safe.

Because unlike a lot of supermarket fresheners, which have high solvent and alcohol content and flammable propellants, Febreze is water-based, low alcohol and uses a natural air-based propellant, leaving nothing behind but fresh air.

What smelly problems do you have that Febreze can solve? We’d love to read your ideas in the comments below. And if you’ve tried Febreze Air Freshener or Febreze Fabric Refresher, why not click through to leave us a review?

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Fresh as being outside


I use Febreze fabric refresher just about everywhere my home my car even in my hubby man cave in the garden. I love how it makes everything feel fresh clean and sometimes new. I have used it on clothes to give a extra boost of freshness. I have a bottle in my car so I can give a quick spray around for a nice clean freshness. I use it a lot and I am never without it always have one at the ready for a instant blast of freshness

wow How fresh is that


This is the first time I have used Febreze Fabric Refresher. And I am happy I have this is like magic in a bottle. I used in my car my home used it on some clothes. Just about anywhere I can. My car smell fresh nd clean my home is that little extra fresh, I give it a spray around when going out come home and my house if so nice to walk into. Had some nice comments as well. Very happy I am

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