The new pet owners’ cleaning checklist

The new pet owners’ cleaning checklist

A dog might be man’s best friend, but a mucky pet is certainly no friend to a nice clean house. Here’s how to keep you and your pooch happy.

A dog might be man’s best friend, but a mucky pet is certainly no friend to a nice clean house. Here’s how to keep you and your pooch happy.

Between the dog hair and muddy paw prints, it can be a challenge to keep your house looking the way you want as a pet owner.

But don’t despair, with our guide to the germ hot spots, and these quick cleaning tricks, it’s possible to keep Fido’s mess to a minimum.

Go to the source

Start with the dog itself and make sure your friendly hound is squeaky clean. While the risk of catching an illness from a dog is very low, their fur can bring in a variety of bacteria, not to mention traipsing in mud, dirt and smells from outside.

Give your pooch a bath once a month to ensure the great outdoors doesn’t become part of your lovely clean indoors. However, don’t wash your dog more than this as it can strip the hair of its natural oils.

Use a flannel and bowl of warm water to spot clean if necessary, or dip their paws in water to clean after a walk.

Hairy affair

One of the biggest issues with pets is the hair they leave behind. While some breeds don’t moult, many will create hair tumbleweed that builds at an alarming rate.

Regular grooming and brushing will limit the amount of hair that falls from your dog.

Also, make sure they have a bed or blanket where they sleep to contain their shedding in one area (this needs to be shaken out and washed on its own regularly), and vacuum the carpet regularly with a specialist pet hair attachment.

Accidents happen

Muddy paw prints, knocked over food bowls, not to mention the occasional toilet training mishap create mess. Use a multi-purpose cleaner such as Flash Multi-Surface Cleaning Concentrate, designed to tackle all the cleaning problems created by the family pet.

Food for thought

Did you know that research found that pet bowls are the fourth most germ-filled place in the home? Wash dog bowls daily with warm, soapy water and be sure to disinfect them thoroughly once a week.

A waft of fresh air

However clean your pet, sometimes that doggy smell in the house is inevitable. But before you banish him outside, use Febreze Heavy Duty Air Effects to get rid of pet smells from sofas, curtains and any soft furnishings.

Add an extra burst of fragrance with an Ambi Pur diffuser, aiming it where you need it most.

Toying with germs

Switching continually between the floor and the dog’s mouth, your pet’s toys are a breeding ground for bacteria and microbes. If they are rubber or plastic, give them a wash in warm, soapy water and allow them to dry properly.

Rope and cuddly toys can usually be disinfected with a tumble in the washing machine or, if suitable, wet and pop in the microwave for one minute.

What are your tips for keeping your home free from poochy pongs and Fido’s fur? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Febreze? I'd rather smell wet dog.

Last trace

Kathy 27/06/2017

My dogs are clean, my house is clean, but the rug in front of the door, the place where my dogs lie after a wet walk - that is the last place I need help with! I could do with some fresh smelling spray to keep this area "wet doggy" free. Especially as this is the first place people come to when they enter the house!

Just Enjoy

OnlyMe1 24/06/2017

Just enjoy your dog! They have been a part of human existence for centuries without all this fuss. Some dogs can't stand being bathed once a month, my two hate it, a stressed dog sweats more, defeats the object of the bath really! Brush them regularly, wash their bowl out (mine have dried food anyway, and their water bowl. But no need for all the antibacterial stuff! Bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar, brilliant for accidents or use laminate flooring.

White Vinegar For Niffs

MummyBtothree 09/06/2017

White vinegar is excellent on carpets etc if your pet has an accident on the carpet for getting rid of any residual smells. Initially you will have a strong vinegar smell but this soon fades and removes nasty odours perfectly.


Teddy 07/06/2017

Cats and dogs have periods.

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