Create the perfect workspace at home

Create the perfect workspace at home

Whether you want a place for paperwork or your job’s relocated to your home, Lynnette has ideas for transforming a spare corner into an ‘office’ you’ll love.

The number of people working from home, in the UK, has increased to almost one in seven over the past decade and 39% of them are women. Plus, according to the Office for National Statistics (Labour Force Survey 2015), there are now 45% more women working this way than in 2005.

There are many reasons for working from home including the flexibility, the ability to work part time, for financial reasons, for childcare options and to have a better work/life balance. I personally find it wonderful not to have to do a daily Tube commute, which I did in Central London for 16 years.

Why have a personal work station at home

Even if you are no longer officially ‘working’ from home, we have all become increasingly connected online plus have the inevitable admin of life to deal with – therefore a ‘home office’ is very desirable now.

Even if you only use it to logon to social media to see what your family are up, shop until you drop online, or simply pay bills once a month it is nice to do so in a lovely environment at home.

Kitting out your space

Stylish homeware brands are responding to this change in lifestyles with their home office designs. Where once you could only have black or brown leather or faux leather chairs, now you can have one in all manner of materials and colours and at all price points. The seat of my home office chair is a very comfortable grey tweed material.

It is the same with ‘desk accessories’ – fancy a hot pink pen pot? No problem. Want a bin in recycled bamboo or urban brushed silver? Again, no problem. Just as you can decorate your home in any style you wish, so your office now falls into that camp.

Some of my recent favourites:

You can also find great office accessories designed for the home setting at Cath Kidston, Muji and OKA.

5 quick ways to create an office space at home

1. Wallpaper just one wall in your home office with a bold pattern – trends for 2016 include large florals, black and white geometrics and mimicking natural materials (think faux brick walls and faux wood panelling).

2. If you have a big enough space buy a vintage velvet chaise longue (inexpensive via online auction sites) so that members of the family or friends can hang out with you – and you can have a kip when you fancy it, too.

3. Use rugs, cushions and throws you already own and pop them in your home office for a cosy, homely look.

4. Create a ‘homework bar’ – a phrase coined by architects who are increasingly being asked to create ‘command centres’ that extend from the kitchen and are specifically designed so parents and children can work together. Along the lines of the breakfast bar of old, but with more space if you have it.

5. A more economical option, rather than hiring an architect, is to partition rooms using folded tall screens. These range from simple raffia screens to more elaborate painted wooden ones. They can also be moved around the house, depending on where you decide to have your desk.

My personal top tip…

Buy a retro piece of mid-century furniture. It will look less ‘office’ in a home environment and be far cheaper than a new desk. My ‘desk’ is actually a long wooden 1950s Ercol dressing table – it is perfect as it has two large drawers either side and a pull out drawer in the middle that I rest my lunch plate on. What more could a home worker need?

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With the lack of light these days us gardeners must get out in the fresh air and in the garden before the bad weather sets in. It's still nice to have a lovely cup of tea waiting for you when you come in.

Home office

Clarecats 01/10/2016

The lady of the house definitely needs a home office. Great place to keep paid and unpaid bills, and other receipts and product guarantees, so set up a system with a wall or desk calendar. Keep a computer, phone and pens there with stapler, paper clips and other items. Even if this is the corner of a room, make a dedicated space.

The Home Office

Hopegirl 16/09/2016

I love to collect postcards from the National Portrait Gallery + put them up in my office - lovely to look at when my eyes need a rest from the computer screen and often inspirational!

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