Clean up after the grandkids in a flash

Clean up after the grandkids in a flash

Got the grandkids over? Here’s how to have maximum fun with minimum clean up, no matter what the little monkeys get up to

Got the grandkids over? Here’s how to have maximum fun with minimum clean up, no matter what the little monkeys get up to

They’re absolute treasures, and one of the biggest pleasures in life, but grandkids can entail some tough work. We totally cherish it when they come over and the chance to spend precious time with them. Less so all the cleaning that needs to be done before, during and after their visits.

For tips on how to prep your home for the potential onslaught, click here . Or read on to find out how the new Flash Ultra range can help make light work of cleaning up after them. Thanks to its ability to remove up to 100% of dirt, grease and grime, you’ll be left with a spick-and-span house, no matter what little personalities arrive at your door…

For the clumsy grandkids

We know that meal times can be a messy business when the kids are very small, but they can continue to be less-than-clean if children are clumsy. Floor, table, wall – there are seemingly endless possibilities of places that food can end up on its journey from plate to mouth.

Flash Ultra Power Multi Surface is the ideal choice for cleaning up after messy eaters. It works brilliantly on everything from the floor to furniture. Crucially, it’s proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria in one minute (not five minutes, like most others), so you know that any surface you use it on will be clean enough to eat off – literally – within sixty seconds.

For the creative grandkids

It’s important to encourage creativity in children, but sometimes cultivating it can have less-than-desirable results when your home becomes their canvas. At some point, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll kiss them goodbye as they leave and go back inside to find that they’ve scribbled something on the wall.

Even if they haven’t deliberately left you an arty gift, the chances are that there will be grubby fingerprints or spillages to deal with. Fortunately, Flash Ultra Magic Erasers deal with any marks quickly and effectively. They truly work their magic to obliterate up 100% of impossible stains without tarnishing your surfaces, no scrubbing needed.

For the messy grandkids

Whether it’s making mud pies outside when the sun is shining or unleashing their crafty creativity with paints and glitter for rainy day play, some kids are just experts at getting messy. Once you’ve dumped them in the bath and washed the worst of it off their little bodies, you’re often left with a bathroom in need of a clean.

This is where Flash Ultra Power Spray comes in and can remove up to 100% of dirt, grease and grime. It’s a product you can truly trust to achieve the gleaming clean you want in your home.

For every kind of grandkid

One of the true joys of being a grandparent is the fact that children can often be a constant source of surprise. They can go from having a mega meltdown one moment, to simply melting your heart with their sweetness the next.

The manifold ways they seem able to find to make a mess can be equally amazing. Keep a stash of Flash Ultra Power Wipes on hand so you’re never shocked by sudden stains. One wipe, and your surfaces will be spotless in seconds. Even better, 99.9% of bacteria will be blasted into oblivion too.

What’s the biggest mess your grandchildren have ever made in your home? Let us know in the comments below…

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Superb pods

Carol 13/04/2018

Love these pods for very stained clothes

You can rely on flash

sueal 13/04/2018

Yes i have Grandchildren to, 6 of them from the age of 1 to 14, five of them are under the age of 8 so i have a lot of mess to clean up after their visits, Flash is a quick and easy way to do this and it leaves the most wonderful scent to

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