Four ways to bring the outdoors in

Four ways to bring the outdoors in

If you’re desperate for spring to get started already so you can get outside, why not bring the great outdoors to you?

If you’re desperate for spring to get started already so you can get outside, why not bring the great outdoors to you?

It’s around this time of year – when we’ve already endured months of cold, dark weather – that we start getting seriously antsy waiting for the warm sunshine, spring blooms and blue skies.

You can’t control what goes on outside, but you can control what’s inside, so why not fill your home with elements of the outdoors so you’ll feel like it’s springtime all year round?

Here are five interior tricks to try:

Fill the air with a nature-inspired fragrance

Whether it’s air fresheners and room diffusers or the cleaning products and detergents that bring a hint of fragrance to your home, pick scents that instantly transport you to the great outdoors as soon as you smell them.

For example, Lenor has launched a new range of nature-inspired scents, including Deep Sea Minerals, Silk Tree Blossom, and Shea Butter.

Adding a capful of Lenor Fabric Conditioner in Silk Tree Blossom to your wash and your house will fill the place with the gorgeously uplifting smell of spring. Plus your clothes will smell of it too, so you can take that sunny feeling with you.

Put plants in every room

Plants not only brighten a space, but they can also purify the air. Try placing aloe vera plants in the bathroom, peace lilies in the bedroom and bamboo palms and red-edged dracaena in the living room.

One option is to create a ‘green corner’ and huddle lots of plants together, putting some on shelves, too, to add variety. Or you could pick one big, statement plant, like a kentia palm or Swiss cheese plant and let it breathe life into the room.

Lining your kitchen windowsills with fresh herb pots and buying fresh flowers as often as you can – ideally ones with a spring-like scent, such as freesias or narcissi – will brighten your mood and your rooms.

Why not be a bit creative with your plant pots? Try using old tea and coffee tins, metal watering cans, copper pots and so on to add a personal touch.

Go floral

Floral prints on your cushions, wallpaper, curtains or bedspread are an instant mood-lifter – as long as you don’t go overboard! A bold floral print on just your cushions, for example, will work better than having flowers on everything.

Either brightly coloured, bold, big floral prints, or small prints in a neutral, muted shade, such as a purple-grey, can help you avoid falling into the chintz trap.

Furnish with natural materials

Materials such as solid wood, stone, copper, glass, hessian, rattan and bamboo help to create a natural mood in the home – and the latter two are commonly used to make garden furniture, so why not place a rattan chair in your green corner? Add a faux-fur rug and floral cushions and you’ll have yourself a gorgeous reading snug.

For more ideas on making your home your sanctuary, see articles by our Home & Garden Editor, Lynnette Peck

How do you bring the outside into your home? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Mrsp333 09/04/2017

Would love. To try the new lenor fabric softener I love to try new things but can't always afford to

Great site

drmqn442 27/03/2017

This just gets better with all this help will have my home looking great once more as it has gone a bit tired over the years Thanks again

So far

Helen 18/03/2017

Really pleased with your info so far. Will continue to check it out Helen.

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