Make your pledge for Earth Hour 2019

Make your pledge for Earth Hour 2019

More and more of us want to do our bit to help protect our planet – and we’ve got the perfect way to get you started…

More and more of us want to do our bit to help protect our planet – and we’ve got the perfect way to get you started…

We all know we need to help protect the environment. But it’s such a big job it can often feel a bit, well, overwhelming.

However, even one small change can help to save energy and protect the planet. It may not seem like much, but if we all keep our promise, together we can make a big difference.

That’s why Ariel has teamed up with WWF’s Earth Hour 2019 initiative #VoiceForThePlanet, to ask everyone to make a pledge to cut down on energy consumption and waste. You don’t have to overhaul your lifestyle or become a dedicated eco-warrior. All you have to do is pledge to make one small but important change – so it’s something we can all get on board with.

Pick your pledge

Choose one (or more) of the pledges below and use the #VoiceForThePlanet hashtag on social media. To put even more power behind your promise, Ariel will donate £1 to WWF** for every pledge made.

  1. Turn your washing down to 30°C.
  2. Help restore nature where you live.
  3. Plan a staycation.
  4. Reduce the amount of plastic you buy.
  5. Change the way you eat.

More ways you can help

Helping the environment is something we can all build into our everyday lives, long beyond Earth Hour. For example, try these four easy ideas when doing the laundry to save money and energy.

  • Only wash a full load
  • Do you use your washing machine too much? If you wait until you have enough for a full load, you’ll save energy and prolong the life of your machine. But be careful not to overload the machine or you’ll end up with detergent stains on your clothes. You should be able to fit your hand sideways into the top of the drum.

  • Use the right amount of detergent
  • Using too much detergent is not just wasteful - you may have to wash again because your clothes come out covered in suds. But how much is too much? The amount of detergent you need depends on the size of the load, how dirty it is and the water hardness in your area. To work out how much you need, follow the dosing instructions you’ll find on all Ariel packs.

  • Check the labels
  • Most things you wash will have a label showing the best temperature and cycle to use. Your machine also comes with instructions, including an energy and water use rating for each cycle. Follow the instructions and you’ll always wash in the most efficient and planet-friendly way.

  • Recycle your packaging
  • Next time you’re about to throw your detergent bottle or box away, take a moment to check whether it can be recycled. You’ll be doing your bit to reduce landfill and the use of raw material to make new packaging.

How do you do your bit to help save the environment? Let us know in the comments box below.

**Ariel’s total donation to WWF UK will be capped at a maximum of £150,000.

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