Five thrifty tips to give your home an all-new look

Five thrifty tips to give your home an all-new look

Revamping your decor can transform the way you feel about your home. And with these simple suggestions, it doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank.

Remember how you felt when you first moved into your home? Once you’ve settled in and decorated it just how you like, it’s hard to imagine anywhere more perfect. But after several years staring at the same four walls, anyone can start to feel a little jaded and long for a change. While redecorating can seem like an expensive and time-consuming project, it doesn’t have to be that way. Try these simple tricks to give your home a subtle new look and your spirits a lift.

1. Make the details shine
Over time, fixtures such as bath and kitchen taps can lose their sparkle, as the effect of hard water takes it toll. Limescale build-up first dulls the sparkle of chrome fittings, then builds up a tough and unsightly white crust if left untreated. Luckily help is at hand: Viakal can dissolve away limescale fast, leaving your surfaces bright and clean once again. Viakal’s polymer technology also works to keep them that way, causing water to slide off and preventing watermarks and limescale from forming.

2. Get a new perspective by switching mirrors and artwork
Nothing transforms the look and feel of a room quite like a mirror. They add a feeling of light and space, making even the smallest of rooms feel spacious and airy. Try hanging mirrors in rooms that don’t yet have them, or moving them from wall to wall for a subtle change in the aspect of the room. Finding a new home for a print, photo or painting can also give them a new lease of life, and rotating them regularly can prevent “ghosting” – marks where the walls discolour around the frames.

3. Add a splash of colour
If you’d like to add a burst of colour to a room, but you can’t face a complete redecoration, there is a solution. Why not create a feature wall in a bold new shade? It can take just a few hours to repaint one wall, and the look of the whole room will be transformed. Try a warm colour to lift the chill from a north facing room, for instance. Or choose an artistic wallpaper pattern for an elegant and dramatic focal point in the room.

4. Look at your rooms in a whole new light
Everything looks better in soft light that casts a warm glow over the whole room. Replacing your main lights with a fitting that casts an indirect light or installing a new shade can be an easy way to transform the look of a room. If you can’t change your main light fitting, why not try installing a dimmer switch? It’s a simple way of adding more flexibility to your lighting. Combine dimmed central lights with artfully arranged table lamps and floor lamps to create an intimate, sophisticated mood in your rooms.

5. Make yourself comfortable with pillows and throws
The easy, low-cost alternative to buying new furniture is to give the old three-piece suite a new lease of life with new cushions in stylish colours and patterns. Not only can they add a burst of colour, but they make the furniture feel as inviting as it looks. A throw cast over the sofa can easily cover over a tired-looking suite and provide a touch of bohemian charm. You can even buy a range of cushions and throws to create different looks to suit your mood.

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going grey

fay 15/06/2018

I don't know if I can ever let my hair go completely grey but the suggestion of gradually shading and blending it lighter,might be good in the future I go grey down my parting and behind ers I hate and look washed out so I dye it

First viewing

Janet 29/11/2017

First view after signing up, looks a great site and I hope to have a longer look a bit later as I’ve lots to do this morning!

Moving artwork

Clarecats 19/08/2016

I agree with moving artwork from room to room, because after a few weeks you may stop noticing something. Some libraries will let you borrow prints to hang.

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