5 small improvements that result in big life changes

5 small improvements that result in big life changes

Forget foolhardy resolutions: sometimes all it takes is a shift in the way we do something to totally transform the outcome

Forget foolhardy resolutions: sometimes all it takes is a shift in the way we do something to totally transform the outcome

The New Year often brings with it resolutions of life overhauls, personality changes and unrealistic challenges.

But let’s face it, no matter how determined you are, you are probably going to eat chocolate/shout at your husband/swap the gym for the sofa again at some point. We’re not saints.

Instead, why not simply resolve to make some small improvements that will make a big difference to your life.

Here are some ideas to get you going…

1. Your relationship: dress up for date night

There are so many things that go into creating a happy relationship but, experts agree, enjoying a regular date night is key.

Go for dinner, to the cinema, or cook up something special together at home. The important thing is to commit to it. This includes making an effort to look nice.

Put on a flattering dress, do your hair and make-up and spray your favourite perfume, just like you would have when you first met.

It’s not just about the physical; if you look good, it will have an effect on the way you feel about yourself and your confidence, and he’ll take notice of that, too.

For more ideas, read relationship expert Zelda West-Mead’s 10 tips for keeping the romance alive

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2. Your look: embrace the grey

If you’ve been fighting the silver strands, it could be time to let them be. After all, grey hair is now fashionable, so it’s no longer a sign of old age.

You could be surprised at how much better you look if you embrace your grey hair – look at Helen Mirren and Sigourney Weaver. They rock it and you can too.

The key is to ensure you get the right cut and keep it well maintained. You also need to carefully blend the grey as you grow it, and keep your hair well conditioned.

For more tips, see our article on how to go grey gracefully 

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3. Your housework: make less effort

Yes, really. Life’s too short to spend it cleaning, and chores need a lot less effort if you use the right products, so use them.

Using Flash Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner, for example, means you can clean the kitchen surfaces, the bathroom and even the floors in one fell swoop.

Even better, Flash has made a few improvements of its own. Its new formula cuts through dirt, grease and grime even more effectively, making your life easier as there will be no elbow grease required.

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4. Your fitness: work on your technique

If you’re lucky enough to have found your favourite sport or an exercise you enjoy, why not be as good as you can be at it?

You could employ a coach or personal trainer to ensure you are doing everything right and to give you extra tips and moves to try.

Everyone reaches a plateau now and then, so this is a great way of re-motivating yourself to reach a new goal.

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IMPORTANT: Before you take on any new exercises or change your regular routines, consult your GP if you have any medical concerns.

5. Your diet: eat seasonally

If you eat what’s in season locally, you will notice the difference in taste as it’s so much fresher.

Plus, as it hasn’t had to travel as far, the food is usually cheaper, and it’s better for the environment. Brownie points!

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What improvements are you making this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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