10 easy ways to decorate with a difference this Christmas

10 easy ways to decorate with a difference this Christmas

Blitz the glitz and bring some hygge to your home for the festive season – with barely a tuft of tinsel in sight!

Blitz the glitz and bring some hygge to your home for the festive season – with barely a tuft of tinsel in sight!

After a lifetime of lurid tinsel and tacky decorations, why not pare back your Christmas decorating to something a bit more… relaxing? You can hand over those years-old baubles to your grown-up kids, to pass down to their own families, and finally revel in your super-tasteful festive home.

Here’s a guide to bringing the ultimate in cosiness to your seasonal style with a touch of the Scandi winter trend of the moment: hygge (that’s pronounced ‘hoo-gah’, in case you were wondering.)

1. Scatter Christmas cushions

Boost the comfort and joy of your sofa by giving it a Christmas makeover. Replace the existing cushions with decorative ones with reindeer and robin print covers, or even just in Christmas colours such as reds, whites and golds. And don’t forget to add a cosy blanket for winter snuggles.

2. Create a bauble centrepiece

Tree ornaments can be used as an inexpensive centrepiece for your dining table. First choose a colour theme, like green and silver or gold and sparkly, then place the baubles in a large bowl or platter for eye-catching cheer.

3. Pot some poinsettia

Poinsettia flowers in December, and its red and green leaves are perfect for Christmas. Simply dot a few poinsettias around the house – particularly in rooms that don’t usually get a lot of Christmas love, such as the bathroom and kitchen. Instead of a fussy garland, you could also place some potted poinsettias on your mantlepiece.

4. Choose festive linens

Another way to bring the Christmas spirit into every room is by switching the linens. In the kitchen you could use holiday-themed dishtowels, and in the bathroom hang red hand towels. Also try replacing everyday bed linens with ones in seasonal colours or patterns.

5. Dress up the dining table

Whether you’ve got family coming over or it’s just the two of you, it’s always worth making an effort with the Christmas dinner table. A colourful runner adds seasonal flair to your dining table. Complement the look with simple white plates and napkins.

6. Be creative with fairy lights

For a touch of whimsy, place white fairy lights in unexpected places throughout your home. Outline a doorway, wrap around a bannister or post, or bundle a strand or two together and place in a glass bowl or mason jar.

Look for battery-operated lights to avoid too many wires around the house – especially if you have grandkids or pets around.

7. Showcase Christmas cards

When your family’s moved out, having the Christmas cards on display feels more important than ever, to remind you of them. But instead of cluttering up every available surface with Christmas cards, peg them to some string and make them part of your decorations.

8. Personalise your wreath

Instead of spending a small fortune on a finished wreath, buy a plain one and decorate it yourself. Then you can use the chance to make it more meaningful to your family – adding decorations made by your grandkids, or that spell out your initials or surname, for example.

A nice extra touch is to tie small bells to the wreath for a musical and spirited way to welcome guests when you open the door.

9. Mix a festive potpourri

Make a holiday spice mixture from ingredients straight from your kitchen cupboards, like cinnamon sticks, cloves and star anise. Place in bowls around the house to spark your senses with yummy aromas.

Or a nice easy shortcut is to light a Febreze Odour Eliminating Candle in Spiced Apple or Frosted Pine. These candles not only give out a gorgeous scent, but also eliminate bad odours – plus they add a warm glow to your home.

10. Deck out a window

Ornaments aren’t just for trees. Feature some of your favourites by hanging them in the window. Thread them with varying lengths of ribbon and tie them to the curtain rod. Just remember you won’t be able to close the curtains!

TIP: when it’s time to do a wash, keep your festive colours looking bright with Ariel 3in1 Pods.

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