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Pretty Good

Sally 21/02/2018

Having recently broken my bridge which could not be replaced I now have a plate :( While I don't like it, using Fixodent is the only product which holds the plate in place all day. Only a small amount is needed. Definitely recommend.

Better n Better

Sally 20/11/2017

This latest product is the best, I can eat without the fear of my plate coming away. Fixodent give me the confidence to go out for meals and relax as my plate is securely fixed in place. Thank you Fixodent.

not so good

sue 27/04/2017

I'v only just started to need this due to having my last 3 teeth out I have tried a few different types of this including the plus I find that they come loose when eating

Confidence or Not

audnay 14/03/2017

When I use to take the staff out for a Christmas meal, as the meals would start arriving, and we would start eating,one of the ladies said "Excuse me ladies,, and she would pop out her front teeth, wrap them in a clean hanky. We would chat eat drink and get merry, and you would here the same lady say Excuse me ladies and pop them back in. She was fine with them in all day until she had to eat, out they came, and back in she always had a tube of this in her bag, she said it was habit

My mouth

Maureen 11/02/2017

Hope to stop them moving about when ratting

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