Your handbag essentials for where ever you are in the world

Your handbag essentials for where ever you are in the world

These eight must-haves can be taken through airports and will come in useful wherever you are in the world.

No one wants a handbag so stuffed full it gives them backache, but there are a few things well worth making space for when you’re on your travels.

1. Wipes

Think you’re past the wipes stage? Think again! Whether it’s for cleaning your hands, dealing with a spill or even wiping down a less-than-lovely airline tray table, a small pack in your handbag will always come in useful.

2. A hand-held fan

A small, light, handheld fan will help you stay cool when everyone around you is wilting – and is especially useful if you’re in the hot flush phase. It also means you get to channel the Versailles look even on the most tedious journeys.

3. The secret weapon

No, not that kind of weapon! One in three women suffer from a sensitive bladder and a lot of them avoid travel because they’re so worried about leaks. Always Discreet is a range of pantyliners, pads and underwear that are specially designed to give women back the freedom to do whatever they want, whenever they want.

4. Travel-friendly perfume

A little spritz of your favourite fragrance is a wonderful mood lifter, and most brands make travel-sized sprays or rollerballs, which will fit neatly in your bag and be small enough to get through airport security too.

5. A big scarf

Even if you’re travelling to sunny climes, it’s well worth popping a big scarf into your bag, to deal with everything from the viciously cold air-conditioning on a plane to needing an impromptu pillow on a coach or train, as well as being able to throw something over bare shoulders if you’re wandering round an ancient church or an Eastern market.

6. Single-dose eye drops

Readily available from chemists, these little capsules take up almost no space in your bag and are fabulously helpful when travelling, whether on planes, when many of us suffer from dry eyes, or on the beach when you end up with sand in your eyes.

7. A portable power bank charger

These are not much bigger than a lipstick and are brilliant for making sure you never get caught out by a low battery moment when you’re nowhere near a plug. Just check with the airline first to see if you can take it in a cabin bag – you don’t want it to be confiscated before you’ve even taken off.

8. Painkillers

Minor aches and pains can really spoil the holiday mood so it’s a good idea to carry a couple of paracetamol or aspirin with you. If you’re travelling to the East or Middle East, remember to check local regulations on which medications you can take through customs, and if you have prescription medications, it’s wise to carry the prescription with you too.

What are your handbag essentials for travel? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Always reliable

Pam 04/01/2017

There is an a 'Always ' product for every situation and they are always reliable. Wouldn't be without them.

Always discreet

rosa bettridge 03/12/2016

Always discreet are what they say on the packet,ALWAYS DISCREET.I won't go anywhere without them.They make me feel clean and dry and confident knowing that,ALWAYS DISCREET,remains AWAYS. DISCREET.

Bag essentials

Suemarg 22/08/2016

All necessary items 90% of which I carry B-)

Handbag contents

Nannydebs 19/08/2016

Even on a day to day basis my bag contains most of the things in the article plus a travel size deodorant, tissues, hand sanitiser, paper and selection of pens and mints. Worked for many years as a nanny and these items covered most situations.

Hand sanitizer

bluejeans52 03/08/2016

I don't go anywhere without my anti viral hand sanitizer - to combat all the non hand washers out there. Plasters, just in case along with painkillers. Tissues are a must and wet wipes as mentioned above for tray tables etc. Lip salve or gloss, travel hair brush and lastly flip flops to change into when I get off the plane.

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