Wonder women – meet the amazing ladies you need to know

Wonder women – meet the amazing ladies you need to know

To celebrate International Women’s Day this month, we bring you five fabulous 40+ females to inspire you.

To celebrate International Women’s Day this month, we bring you five fabulous 40+ females to inspire you.

We love women. From our mothers to our daughters to our best friends to our bosses, many of us are fortunate enough to be surrounded by women who are inspiring in their own multitude of ways.

And every now and then a woman in the public eye does something to make us pay attention too – and it’s not because they’ve taken another flawless selfie…

We’ve rounded up five women who are a true source of inspiration, whether it’s because they’ve overcome the odds to succeed or have used their position of influence for good. Read on and get ready to feel inspired…

Oprah Winfrey

With a gazillion strings to her bow, 63-year-old Oprah is a multi-tasking powerhouse who is an actress, media mogul, producer, philanthropist and more. Now, there is talk of her running for president following the rousing speech she gave at this year’s Golden Globe awards, tackling racism, sexism and the #metoo movement.

She was there being honoured with the prestigious Cecil B. DeMille Award for ‘outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment’, the first ever black woman to pick up the award. It might be tiring to even just think about everything she does, but it certainly inspires us to try to do more.

Carrie Gracie

Some people just talk the talk, but when it comes to taking a stand, Carrie Gracie, 55, well and truly put her money where her mouth is. She resigned from her well-paid job as China Editor for the BBC in a protest against the gender pay gap, after learning that her male counterparts were being paid at least 50% more.

The Oxford graduate, who is fluent in Mandarin, resigned on principle, demanding equal pay for both sexes and saying that she “could not collude in unlawful pay discrimination”. Her resignation came even after she was offered a pay rise, proving that her demand was equality for everyone, and not just more money for herself.

Sarah Millican

Performing stand-up comedy is daunting enough, and having the confidence to do it is pretty inspiring in itself. But Sarah, 42, does much more than just make people laugh. A self-confessed ‘big softie’, she was inspired to combat the issue of loneliness, and proved that sometimes a little effort can be a huge help to others.

On Christmas Day 2011, she started the #joinin hashtag on Twitter to bring together people who found themselves alone (or lonely despite company), through no choice of their own. In doing so, she brought together a community of people and lessened that loneliness, proving that she is much more than a funny face.

Karen Darke, MBE

Paralysed from the chest down after falling 10 metres off a sea cliff aged 21, Karen Darke, 46, has a spirit of adventure that could inspire even the most hardened couch potato.

Despite her injury, she has managed to handbike across the Himalayas, kayaked from Canada to Alaska and use skis to cross Greenland’s ice cap, propelling herself with her arms.

And adventure is not her only achievement. In her late thirties, when most athletes are already well into retirement, she embarked on a quest to compete in the Olympics as a Para-Cyclist. She won silver at London 2012, and went on to win gold at Rio in 2016. What a champion!

Dame Jane Goodall, OBE

Having dedicated her life to the study of chimpanzees, 83-year-old Jane is one of the world’s leading primatologists. She spent 55 years studying them in Tanzania, and even now, in her eighties, she continues to fight to protect the animals from the manifold threats they face.

Her work inspires every generation, from encouraging young girls to pursue a career in science to proving that you’re never too old to work at what you love.

Who is the most inspiring woman you know? Let us know in the comments below…

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