Tips for body confidence and getting back in shape

Tips for body confidence and getting back in shape

As the weather improves, it’s not just the house that needs a bit of a spruce-up. Here are six steps to being back on top form for spring.

1. Colour your hair
Winter weather always takes its toll on hair, and when the sun starts shining again those roots start showing up too. Time for a touch-up or rinse: lowlights are in fashion this year, and can add a sophisticated polish that looks good whatever the weather. Take care to choose tones that really flatter your skin, and if you’re going grey, it can be advisable to take your hair colour a little lighter than normal. After all, blondes do, apparently, have more fun.

2. Exfoliate your skin
Do away with dead cells and dried-out winter skin on face and body with a mask, a scrub and plenty of moisturiser. A relaxing and restorative hot bath can help your skin absorb the goodness – and you’ve been around long enough to know you don't have to spend a fortune on pricy products. Homemade concoctions such as a salt scrub are great for the body – but take care of your face with an intensive treatment specially designed for that delicate skin, such as Olay s 3 Point Treatment Cream.

3. Get in shape
This is the best time of year to concentrate on your body for a few weeks and start exercising, even if it’s just adding in a 20-minute brisk daily walk to relieve tension and get your heart going. If you need extra encouragement, try and rope a friend into joining you for a gentle run – and if they’re resistant, consider investing in a pair of wireless earphones and get a good soundtrack going of some of your favourite dancing tunes. Monitoring your progress with a fitness bracelet can keep you motivated.

4. Have a dental check up
Your teeth can go through stages of being more bothersome as you get older, so it’s more important than ever to make sure your visits to the hygienist and dentist are regular. It could be time to upgrade to a better electric toothbrush too – after all, there’s nothing more attractive than a bright, confident smile.

5. Nourish your mind
There’s a reason they say ‘healthy mind, healthy body’, and feeding your brain – and your spirit – with  culture is a great way to keep yourself engaged in life. An exhibition, a nice film, a good book… whether you’re romantic, adventurous or a traveller, you’ll find something after a wander round your local bookshop or a skim through the latest reviews in the Sunday supplements. And social media can be a great place to find recommendations too.

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Gym and swim

57susi 15/07/2016

Following my regular gym sessions I am swimming straight afterwards and feel so refreshed and invigorated afterwards and don't feel my age at all (59) and am keeping up with my daughter!

Pole fitness

Tinksx 02/07/2016

I love my aerial fitness which includes pole, hoop and silks. Im not quite 50 yet (45) but hope to still be doing this for years to come x it's liberating as I've leant to accept myself and body shape and increased my strength which is good for bones x


babyhk 26/06/2016

I adore my Zumba classes that come as part of my gym membership . The music is fantastic and you don't have to be a good dancer as after 3 weeks I had mastered the basic steps . A good way of making friends as at aged 56 I do not want to frog march on a treadmill or churn round on a exercise bike . Friends too .

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