The ultimate confidence-boosting kit bag for the gym

The ultimate confidence-boosting kit bag for the gym

Over-50s often feel less confident at the gym, but these ideas will make you feel fabulous when you exercise.

Over-50s often feel less confident at the gym, but these ideas will make you feel fabulous when you exercise.

The gym often feels like it’s full of twentysomethings who are simply there to Instagram their perfectly honed bodies between crunches.

The rest of us mere mortals, meanwhile, are left desperately trying to avoid glimpsing our red-faced, sweaty, wobbling selves in the giant mirrors the gyms insist on covering every wall with.

But you shouldn’t let this put you off keeping in shape. Instead, by thinking carefully when packing your gym kit, you can change going to the gym into a pleasurable experience. Yes, really! Read on for our top tips…

The outfit

When heading for the gym, it’s tempting to cover up and disappear into the background by wearing some old, greying tracksuit bottoms and a baggy T-shirt.

Not only is this unflattering, but you’ll feel uninspired and demotivated if you exercise wearing something you’d slob on the sofa in. Instead, try this outfit to make you look and feel like you belong in the gym…

What to pack

It’s tempting to don all black, but at least add a pop of colour every session with some vibrant trainers. Hot pink, electric blue or luminous yellow are great options and will put a real spring in your step.

Team them with leggings, as you really can’t beat them for comfort and flexibility. Look for breathable, moisture-wicking materials, such as bamboo, nylon and Lycra.

On top, team a moisture-wicking vest with a long, loose cotton top. This will cover any wobbly bits you might feel paranoid about – including the tops of your legging-clad legs if it’s long enough – and will keep you cool and comfortable. For style points, look for a T-shirt with a wide enough neckline for it to slip off your shoulder onto one side.

Most of all, though, remember that no one really cares what you look like – they’re all too busy worrying how they look and trying to catch their breath! This is more about you feeling confident, and wearing great-looking gym gear should help with this.

The underwear

Perhaps even more important than what you wear on the outside is what you wear underneath your workout gear.

Wearing the right underwear will minimise any discomfort, particularly in the breast area, and it will keep you feeling fresh and dry.

What to pack

A sports bra is an essential piece of kit – we don’t want to give gravity any more help, do we? Plus it will help prevent back and boob pain, and any potential black eyes!

What sort of bra you go for depends on your bust size: A-B cups are better off with vest-style bras that cinch in the back, whereas women with bigger busts should look for individual cups with thick shoulder straps and clasps to allow you to tighten the band for more support.

If you have a sensitive bladder, exercise can trigger leaks, but lining your underwear with an Always Discreet pad or liner will keep you dry and odour-free, so you can focus on your workout without worry or embarrassment. They’re also discreet enough to wear under tight-fitting clothing, so no one will suspect a thing!

Oh and don’t forget your sports socks to protect you from blisters in all the right places for exercise. Cute trainer socks look a lot nicer than ankle socks.

The VIP extras

Going to the gym rarely feels like a luxurious experience, but this can be rectified with a little post-exercise pampering.

What to pack

Bring your own freshly washed fluffy towel and even slippers for that real spa experience.

Pop your favourite shampoo and conditioner into travel-size bottles and your own shower gel too, as the gym-supplied option is usually pretty budget.

If you haven’t got time to wash your hair, a blast of dry shampoo at the roots will make you feel fresher, and a mist spray will cool and hydrate your skin.

Post-shower, take some time to massage your skin with a rich body lotion and facial moisturiser. After this little ritual, you’ll feel so good you’ll start looking forward to your next gym session.

Still feeling apprehensive? Check out our article, Five exercise fears to overcome today.

What are your secrets to feeling confident when going to the gym? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Fantastic peace of mind

Shoes25 28/04/2018

I'm almost 56 but felt my bladder problem made me feel old and prehistoric. Now to have the confidence back in my life is such a joy. Well done for this wonderful people who created such a wonderful product .


Megs 04/04/2018

These would give everyone confidence and the ability to carry on their everyday life doing whatever they want whenever they want

Always discreet

Zowie 12/03/2018

Nothing to be ashamed of having a weak bladder your be surprised how many people suffer .don't suffer in silence these are amazing

Self confidence

Sarah 05/03/2018

Remember everyone is there for the same reason . To feel better about themselves . No one is judging you, only applauding you

Always Boutique

Jennie 03/03/2018

I haven’t had the chance to try those ones but I use always regular pants but I’d love to try them they look great

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