The natural look: put the confidence back in your smile

The natural look: put the confidence back in your smile

Getting used to wearing dentures can take time, but with these six tips you’ll be smiling again in no time

Getting used to wearing dentures can take time, but with these six tips you’ll be smiling again in no time

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so it’s natural for denture-wearers to worry about first impressions.

Until you’re fully comfortable with your new dentures, it’s possible to feel like your smile isn’t your own. Just as a tiny ulcer inside your mouth might feel huge to your tongue, you may feel that your new dentures are shouting “false teeth!” to people when in fact they’re hardly noticeable, if at all.

With these tips to help you find the perfect fit and adjust to the new sensation of wearing dentures, you’ll soon feel like you’ve got your natural smile back.

1. Choose together

Ask a loved one whose opinion you value to accompany you when you are having new dentures made. They’ll help you select natural-looking dentures that best recreate your original smile.

A good tip is to avoid dazzling white teeth and go for a colour that looks more natural – it’ll stop you sporting a highly conspicuous false teeth smile.

2. A right mouthful

The sensation of having new dentures that feel too big for your mouth is a common one, especially in the first few weeks or month after fitting. You may even feel as though your dentures are pushing your lips outwards. But while you might notice it, most people are highly unlikely to, so don’t worry or allow this to dent your confidence.

3. Get the right fit

If your smile has changed, it may take a little time to get used to it. But if you’re not convinced that your smile looks natural, and it has something to do with the fit, visit your dentist. Point out any specific areas that are causing you concern or discomfort and ask your dentist to adjust and refit them to improve your smile and comfort.

4. Fixodent your smile

One of the most common causes of worry for new denture wearers is that their teeth might slip in public. Fixodent denture adhesive is specially formulated to eliminate this concern by securely holding your dentures in place, cushioning them for total comfort and a more confident smile.

5. Take good care

New dentures are not indestructible. Like real teeth, natural-looking false teeth are just as susceptible to the effects of smoking, food getting trapped between them and being stained by drinks – especially tea and coffee. To keep your new dentures looking their best, stick to a regular denture care routine and think before you eat.

6. Do your make-up as usual

Just because you have new dentures, it doesn’t mean you need to change your make-up routine – quite the opposite, in fact. If you suddenly drop your signature shade of lipstick, for example, friends are more likely to notice something is different. This might draw attention to the smile you may still be feeling self-conscious about.

Of course, once you’re completely at ease with your new natural-looking dentures, you may then want to show off your wonderful new smile by drawing attention to it with bright, bold new shades.

Whatever makes you feel good about yourself will help you show off your confidence as well as your natural new smile.

What are your tips for adjusting to wearing dentures? Let us know in the comments section below.

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New teeth at 75

Gwen 26/04/2017

I have recently had a top plate and partial bottom and find both very uncomfortable. Thankfully I was recommended to use Fixodent and wouldnt be without it. I am stll getting used to them but feel more confident knowing they won't fall out!

My life


Can't start the day without using Fixodent

4get bowt dem

rachell 07/02/2017

I have had my plates since 2012 and I have tried every adhesive going I think but I find fixodent is the only one that lasts more than an hour. I use it every morning and tbh I actually forget that I have plates in. I even can bite a carrot raw!!

Safe and sure

Yvonne 06/02/2017

Used fixodent for about 12 years now. I don't think anyone knows I have dentures. I never have to think about them once the fixodent is in place ,I use it every morning then forget it.tasteless and comfortable

Life saver

Kim 05/02/2017

Flxodent makes me feel safe when I'm out eating in a restaurant.

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