Taking care of your beach hair

Taking care of your beach hair

Sun, sea and surf feels great but can take a toll on your curls. Pantene has the answer – just follow this guide.

We all love the beach: warm sun on our skin, a gentle breeze from the ocean and sand under our toes. But we’ve also learned to take precautions. We make sure that we don’t spend to long in the sun, and protect our skin with sunscreen.

Our hair needs the same sort of protection. A little sun, salt and humidity can give your hair tousled waves and a carefree surfer look. But it also dries out your locks, which can mean damage. What you need after a day at the beach is a touch of aftersun for the hair. And we have just the thing.

Try Pantene Advanced Keratin repair, which is formulated to protect the surface of each strand of hair, calming frizz and treating dullness or dryness. This treatment can reverse up to two years of damage to the smoothness of your hair in just two minutes – so tackling the effects of a day at the beach should be a breeze.

Applying the formula is a simple procedure. Simply wash your hair with the shampoo, which immediately gets to work repairing damaged strands. Then apply the 2 Minute Restorative Masque. Leave for at least a couple of minutes, but longer if you feel your hair needs more pampering. Then rinse away thoroughly, and watch your hair return to its natural shine.

Now you know you can enjoy the sun and sand, without worrying about damage to your waves.

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I will give it a go

Shazza-b 27/05/2018

I havnt tried it but the normal shampoo is good so I think I might take this away when I o on holiday

Good advice

hazeld15 19/07/2017

I'm off to Hawaii next month for a few days so this advice will be most helpful for when I'm lazing on Waikiki beach or swimming in the sea. Thank you.

Never tried

Helen 28/05/2016

Never tried, but do beach hair so would like to try this or get a sample please

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