How to take control of your sensitive bladder

How to take control of your sensitive bladder

Don’t let a weak bladder stop you from living your life. Find out how to choose the right protection and get your confidence back.

Don’t let a weak bladder stop you from living your life. Find out how to choose the right protection and get your confidence back.

If you’re one of the 12 million British women who have a sensitive bladder, here’s the good news: you don’t need to let it run your life.

It might seem like you always need to think about whether you can have that cup of tea or if there’s a loo nearby, but with a few simple steps and the right protection, you can live each day with carefree confidence again.

Dr Sarah Jarvis, a GP and Always Discreet ambassador, says you can help regain control by avoiding some key triggers. Tasks such as heavy lifting or high-impact exercise can put pressure on your bladder and cause leaks. So there’s a good excuse to get a helping hand around the house and swap running for cycling or yoga in your keep-fit routine.

You can also train your body to avoid leaks, Dr Jarvis says. She recommends talking to your doctor to work out a daily schedule that will gradually build up your bladder’s holding capacity. Your doctor can also explain how you can give your bladder a strength boost by practicing pelvic floor exercises for just a couple of minutes, three times a day.

It’s also much easier to get on with life when you know you’ve got the right protection. So give yourself some peace of mind by picking up a dedicated incontinence pad.

But if you’ve never experienced a weak bladder before, it can be tricky to know which product is best for you. This simple quiz can help guide you through the decision.

Making the right choice

Q: When do leaks tend to happen for you?

A: Only occasionally, usually during the daytime

B: Often, including at night

Q: Do you get little leaks or bigger ones?

A: Just small leaks

B: Larger leaks

Q: What tends to cause leaks for you?

A: When I laugh, cough, sneeze or lift heavy things (this is called stress incontinence)

B: It just happens out of the blue (this is called urge incontinence)

Which product is right for you?

Mostly As

All you need is the light protection of Always Discreet Liners or Always Discreet Pads

Mostly Bs

You can feel confident with Always Discreet Pads+ or Always Discreet Pants.

Do you have any tips for taking control of a sensitive bladder? Let us know in the comments below.

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Juliet 16/11/2017

I have Ms and it affects my bladder in a big way, I have to use long plus always regularly and the night time one's are a godsend.

Great Laugh a must do

jemma 04/06/2017

I organised a group of girls to take part in Pretty Muddy last year. We all had a great laugh and more importantly raised a good amount for charity. I am now planning on pushing myself a bit more by taking part in the Tough Mudder this year.

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