Soak it up: nine ways to upgrade your bath time

Soak it up: nine ways to upgrade your bath time

Follow our tips to make that long-awaited soak in the bath as relaxing as possible

Follow our tips to make that long-awaited soak in the bath as relaxing as possible

Shutting the world out and gently lowering yourself into a tub of steaming, scented water for a relaxing soak is universally acknowledged as one of the best ways to enjoy much-needed me-time.

Want to make the experience even more relaxing? Try our tips…

1. Be prepared

A bath can often be ruined before it’s barely begun. How? That horrible feeling of finally submerging yourself, only to find that you’ve left the magazine you meant to read on the coffee table. If you have space, keep a little side table by the bath as a reminder to get your magazine or book and drink ready, plus then it’s all within easy reach once you’re having your soak.

2. Get it gleaming

When your eyes wander when you’re in the bath, the last thing you want to see is a to-do list. Clocking grimy tiles, a dusty cistern and a limescale-covered shower will not make you feel relaxed! Keep on top of your bathroom cleaning by using the new-formula Viakal, which will leave all your bathroom surfaces sparkling, including your crusty taps and shower thanks to its limescale-busting powers.

3. Scent from heaven

Adding pure, natural essential oils to the bath will allow you to benefit from their relaxing fragrance. As adding essential oils directly to warm water can make them evaporate quickly, first dilute a few drops of your essential oil in a few tablespoons of either milk or olive oil before adding to the bath. Rose, neroli and lavender are great for relaxing you – plus milk and olive oil are good for nourishing your skin.

4. Lower the lighting

Harsh overhead lighting, particularly if it’s of the fluorescent tube variety, will do nothing to help calm you down. Installing softer lighting – ideally with a dimmer switch if your light switch is outside the bathroom ¬– will help create a much more soothing atmosphere for your soak. For a quick fix, leave the main light off and use a battery-powered night light or candles instead.

5. Forget your phone

To truly escape the everyday, switch your phone to silent and leave it in another room so you can’t be distracted by constant notifications. If you can’t bear to be parted from it or are expecting an important call, put your phone in an airtight freezer bag. Zip it up and keep it within reach – and without worrying about water damage.

6. Play mood music

Create a calming atmosphere with soothing sounds that will aid relaxation. Classical or other instrumental music is a great choice as there are no lyrics to distract you. Choose something with a slower tempo to quieten your mind and help ease tense muscles.

7. Do double duty

Taking time out for a bath can feel indulgent, especially if you still have a long to-do list to get through. Optimise your soaking time by applying a face mask or conditioning hair wrap that gets to work while you relax. That’s the kind of multitasking we can get on board with!

8. Lose yourself

Research has shown that even reading for six minutes can reduce stress levels by two thirds, so grab a book or magazine to enjoy in the bath. It takes you out of your environment and into another world, where your worries will seem that little bit further away.

9. Enjoy the afterglow

Arguably, the worst thing about a bath is having to get out of it once the water cools down. Make it better by putting your towel and dressing gown on the radiator before you get in. That way, it’ll be ready to wrap you in a cuddle of warm fluffiness when you get out, and allow you to stay feeling relaxed for longer.

What’s your favourite bath time treat? Let us know in the comments below!

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SueSmiles 12/06/2018

Having a bathe is wonderful way to relax. I love to light scented candles and turn electric lights off. My favourite relaxing aroma is lavender - pure essential oil. I'm feeling less tense simply imagining it!

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