Instant confidence: the tricks every woman should know

Instant confidence: the tricks every woman should know

Don’t let stress, upsets or overwork grind you down. Try our simple suggestions for getting a mojo boost in all areas of your life.

All of us have days when we need a confidence boost, however full of life experience we are. A run of bad luck, a crucial upset at the wrong time or just the daily accumulation of stress in busy lives can send our mood spiralling downwards. That’s when you need a pick-me-up: time to focus on yourself and the things that make you look good and feel great. Take a look at our suggestions for getting your groove back in all areas of your life, from the physical to the intellectual side of life.

Image confidence
We all know that when we look our best, we get our inner glow back too. So getting a confidence boost can start from the outside. Treat yourself as if you are special, and you’ll feel special: putting on a favourite dress for no particular reason can be a great way to remind yourself. Knowing that you’re free of embarrassing problems like dandruff also helps to keep a spring in your step, so washing your hair regularly with Head & Shoulders is another source of carefree confidence.

Physical confidence
Exercise is great for mental health: it boosts the production of feel-good endorphins in the brain and reduces cortisol, the stress hormone. If you don’t already have a workout routine, it’s a great idea to start with Pilates or yoga. They’re low-impact exercises that will help to build strength and good posture, as well as having a calming effect. If you’re already a seasoned athlete, you might enjoy trying something new. Taking on different challenges is great for confidence, so why not get creative with a salsa dance class, a biking tour or learning a new sport?

Emotional confidence
One of the best ways of looking after your emotional wellbeing is to connect with the people you care about. If things are getting on top of you, take time out for lunch with a friend. Experts also say that giving to others can be a great way of feeling good about ourselves. So volunteering at a local community centre can help to remind you of the difference you make every day. Or you can take some time to look within: the practice of mindfulness, focusing on your thoughts and feelings in the present moment, has been show to have significant emotional benefits. Mindfulness classes can teach you techniques to develop this awareness.

Intellectual confidence
Day-to-day life can get stuck in a rut, where you find that you’re not learning anything new. Stretching your mind by joining a class is a great way to get this kind of confidence back, by reminding you how quickly you’re able to master new challenges. Try your local college for classes in everything from family history to foreign languages to creative writing. Technology has also opened up a whole world of learning: you can follow courses from top universities in everything from Shakespeare to psychology – all for free – on the Open University’s Future Learn site.

Cultural confidence
Life goes by so fast, it can be hard to keep up. But when kids are older, it’s a great idea to take back time to yourself for cultural pursuits. Try committing to a new cultural experience each month, for instance, taking in a trip to the theatre, a museum exhibition or a concert. If your other half isn’t interested, why not gather a group of friends – like a book club for all the arts? That way, even if the play’s a dud, you still have the fun of getting together to discuss it afterwards.

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