Revamp your fitness regime

Revamp your fitness regime

If your exercise regime has lost its lustre, we’ve got six ideas to help you put the fun back into fitness.

We all know the benefits of regular exercise which go way beyond what it can do for our bodies. It can feed our energy levels, raise self-esteem, boost the immune system, stimulate the brain and lift anxiety.

However, it’s all too easy to get bored with your exercise routine and find excuses not to get off the sofa! Our useful tips will help you fall back in love with your workouts.

Try something new

If you ate exactly the same thing for dinner every night, you’d soon get pretty bored. Yet, many of us stick to the same thing every time we go to the gym. If you’re a runner, why not try a Zumba session or a few laps of the pool for a change?

Not only will mixing things up keep things interesting, it’s also good for your body to not get ‘too used’ to a certain type of challenge.

Fit exercise into your life

A lot of us fall off the exercise wagon because life’s so busy, so it makes sense to try to incorporate getting fit into your everyday life. Could you take the grandkids swimming when you look after them, for example? Or go for a walk in your lunch break? Scientists have found that sedentary women who start walking briskly for half an hour a day, four days a week, have almost the same low risk of heart attack as women who have exercised all their lives.

Reward yourself

Setting yourself goals and rewarding yourself for achieving them is a great way to pep up your fitness regime. (And, no, we’re not talking a family-sized bar of chocolate here!)

Perhaps when you run that 5km you can treat yourself to some lovely new skincare goodies? The Olay Regenerist range has been specially designed to give you dramatically younger-looking skin.

Exercise at home

If it’s horrible winter weather that busts all your good intentions, how about getting fit without stepping out of your front door?

There’s a huge variety of resources online which enable you to learn from the best personal trainers from all around the world.

Try Yoogaia or Fitness Blender.

WHAT ARE YOUR TIPS? How do you keep your fitness routine fresh? We’d love to hear from you.

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Leebee 26/07/2017

I have swapped my usual walking route to include a challenging hill and have even started to walk backwards up the hill on the way home. I don't know what the neighbours think!!



I am not good at going to gyms,but know I need exercise i have back problems,so it is important that I get exercise,just sitting about does not help with back pain,so i make sure that I walk the dog twice a day,so thats about an 1hr a day also walk up too the shops instead of getting the bus,these might not seem real exercise but it helps me,even doing house work is exercise,so you don't need to go mad, just simple chores around the house will help.

Integration is key

Ezybabes 27/06/2017

I find that integrating daily tasks and chores into your exercise regime can not only save time but actually lead to more exercise. I tend to do more around the house as I incorporate my exercises into my housework regime and I seem to get more exercise.

Fitting it in

Fiona 31/05/2017

It can be hard to fit in exercise to a busy lifestyle with children but there are always things you can do at home or with the kids, just something simple as a walk round to the park, then pushing them on the swings is better than sat at home watching tv!

Love keeping fit

debbiepostlewait 27/05/2017

Have a 2 year old with add then you won't need to exersize

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