Reignite your passion with these fun fitness ideas for the two of you

Reignite your passion with these fun fitness ideas for the two of you

They say couples who exercise together stay together – so here are six great ways you and your partner can work up a sweat…

They say couples who exercise together stay together – so here are six great ways you and your partner can work up a sweat…

It can be hard to motivate yourself to exercise, but having a workout buddy can help keep you in a routine, plus you can motivate each other to push yourselves that little bit more – and it makes it more fun than going it alone!

It’s even better if your buddy is also your romantic partner, as studies show exercising together can help strengthen your relationship. From the quality time you spend together to the endorphins released, plus a dose of healthy competition, working out together offers the perfect way to reignite your passion for each other, as well as exercise!

And if you’re worried about bladder sensitivity getting in the way of both exercise and romance, simply make sure you wear an Always Discreet pad when working out, which locks away any wetness and odour, leaving you feeling dry and confident. And for tips on how to not let it affect your romantic life, check out our article Intimacy and incontinence: finding a new comfort zone.

Still struggling to feel inspired? Read on for our six fab ways to work out as a couple…


This has got to be the most fun form of exercise, as it feels more like a date night – you can even wear a nice dress and he could don suit trousers and a shirt. Dance classes are often held in bar or restaurant function rooms, too, so you could have drinks or dinner after.

From salsa to jive, you’ll be surprised how high your heart rate can get when you’re rocking, twirling and shimmying, plus learning routines is great for your memory and co-ordination. Any dances with stampy movements (tap, flamenco and country dancing, for example) are good for keeping your bones strong, too.

Then there’s the closeness of the holds, the sexiness of some of the moves and the romance of having your partner twirl you in his arms… Yep, dance classes are a sure-fire way to get that spark going again!

Tennis or badminton

You need to be a bit careful with this one, as it could go horribly wrong if one of you is much better than the other, or if you’re both good but also super-competitive. Arguments over whether the ball was in or not aren’t conducive to a pleasurable experience with your partner!

However, if you are evenly matched and promise to play nice, playing a weekly game of tennis or badminton is a great way of exercising together. You could even double up and challenge other couples to a match – and that way you can be on the same team, rooting for each other.

Jogging or walking

Having a jogging partner is great motivation, as you can encourage each other to keep going – or get off the sofa in the first place! It can also help you to feel safer if you’re nervous about running alone. Knowing you have your partner to help if you fall, or vice versa, is wonderfully reassuring.

If you’re not a fan of jogging, a brisk walking pace can work just as well. Walk fast enough that you can feel your heart rate rise, but you’re not so out of breath that you can’t keep a conversation going.

Which brings us onto another benefit – there’s something about walking in the fresh air that encourages conversations to open up into deeper territories than the usual mundane “the car is due an MOT”-type chats. And these deeper conversations are a wonderful way to deepen the intimacy of your relationship, too.

Couples yoga

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you get into positions that even pro contortionists would struggle with… you can simply use each other for balance and support. It will also help promote a feeling of harmony between you – perhaps you could do a gentle routine together in the morning to help you to “reconnect”.

Here’s a beginner sequence you could try:

  1. Sit cross legged on the floor with your backs together. Sit straight with your hands resting on your knees. Breathe deeply, alternating with your partner – so when he breathes in, you breathe out, and so on. Do this for around three minutes.
  2. Staying in this position, inhale and reach your arms above you. Then as you exhale, twist and bring your right arm down to hold the inside of your partner’s left knee, while your left arm holds the outside of your right knee. Hold for a few breaths then do the same on the opposite side.
  3. Move to your knees and slowly curl your body up to standing. Turn to face each other, a few feet apart. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, then both bend forward at the hips until your hands meet. Keep folding, bending your elbows until they meet, or get as close as possible. Keep your backs and legs straight and hold for a few breaths before slowly returning to your standing position.
  4. Finally, turn to face the same way, standing a few feet apart. Lift your arms and support each other by joining your inside hands and forearms together. Shift your weight onto your inside foot and lift the outside leg, placing your foot either on your ankle, calf or inner thigh. Hold for a few breaths, then turn to do the same on the other side. And you’re done!

Do you exercise with your partner? Let us know what you do and if you think it helps keep your relationship strong in the comments section below. Or read more about the products available from Always Discreet here.

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Dancing queen

Stefania 18/11/2018

I go to lindy hop and jive which involves a lot of bouncing. Not good for a weak bladder! The pads I have tried have not given me the protection I need so need to try a more robust strength that always have.

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