Protect your skin from winter dryness

Protect your skin from winter dryness

Chill winds and indoor heat can play havoc with your skin. Follow these tips to stay soft and smooth in the cold season.

When the temperatures drop and the heating comes on, our skin comes under pressure. Cold winds and dry indoor heat can strip away the natural oils, causing skin to lose its moisture. And as we become older, our skin becomes a little thinner and drier in any case. So it’s more important that ever to protect yourself, to ensure you stay looking good and feeling great. Try these suggestions to keep your skin healthy in winter.

1. Hydrate and eat well
In freezing temperatures, dehydration might seem less likely than in the heat of summer, but your body still needs around two litres of water a day. Eating the right diet can also help replenish the natural oils that protect your skin: look for foods with high levels of omega-3 fats such as salmon and walnuts.

2. Moisturise
It’s essential to keep up your skincare regime in winter to avoid the changes in temperature causing itchy, flaky skin. Apply straight after bathing or showering, and try to avoid water that’s too hot to preserve your skins natural oils. Unless you have naturally oily skin, it may be best to choose an oil-based moisturiser or heavy lotion for winter which can help to seal in your body’s natural moisture from cold winds and dry air.

3. Humidify
Fight the dryness indoors by humidifying the air. Indoor heat saps moisture from the room and pulls water from your skin. Installing a humidifier can be a relatively inexpensive way to improve the way your skin feels – and can help your hair stay healthy too. Even placing a bowl of lukewarm water on a radiator can help to add moisture back into the air.

4. Protect your lips
Lips can bear the brunt of winter chills, because even when the rest of us is wrapped up warm, they’re exposed to the cold, dry air. To stop chapped lips, use a balm with beeswax or petroleum jelly. These create a protective seal over your lips, preventing them from losing any more moisture and giving your body time to heal.

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The best advice

Hopegirl 26/09/2016

I'm definitely going to follow your advice about de-humidifying and I'm going to keep using Olay Regenerist day cream because it's really brilliant for dry skin. Thanks for the advice and encouragement.

Thank you

Spirituelle 18/06/2016

Thank you for the advice

Great tips

sexygeorge 11/06/2016

Love reading these tips and putting them to good use,have learned so much from them,thank you,keep them coming.

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