Looking after yourself when you’re sick

Looking after yourself when you’re sick

Here’s what to do if you need to play doctor when you’re the patient too.

When you’re under the weather, it’s nice to be taken care of, but sometimes this just isn’t possible. So here’s what to do if you need to play doctor when you’re the patient too

If you live on your own, or your family is (suddenly very) busy, it can be really tough when you get sick.

Unlike when we were kids, who would get waited on hand and foot when we were sick, that’s sadly not often possible anymore.

So if you’re sick and stuck on your own, here’s how to make sure you take good care of yourself and quickly get on the road to recovery.

Cancel your plans

If you work, call in sick. If you have social plans, reschedule. If there’s housework to do, leave it. Rest is key to your recovery.

Don’t feel guilty. Your health is more important and in the long-run you will be able to do more if you rest now, as it will speed up your recovery.

Make sure you’re comfortable

When you’ve got a bit of energy, make the most of it by gathering everything you need into one place so you don’t have to keep getting up and down when you’re feeling zapped.

Line up your medication, some water, books, laptop and phone (plus their power banks or chargers), the TV remote, tissues, a hot water bottle, a sick bowl if needed and anything else you may need or want.

Hole up in bed or bring your duvet and pillows into the living room and make yourself comfortable on the sofa. Use this opportunity to try to relax guilt-free and catch up on some reading or that box set you’ve been meaning to watch.

Wear comfy, loose clothes, like your pyjamas, or a big T-shirt. And because your skin is super sensitive when you’re sick, swap your detergent to Fairy Non Bio, which has the seal of approval from the Skin Health Alliance as it ensures your clothes are gentle on sensitive skin.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you live with a spouse or older children, ask if they can play doctor, at least when they’re home from work or college. If not, perhaps a good friend could come and help you.

They could do the laundry, make trips to the chemist and, if you’re up to eating, they could cook dinner. If you’re really poorly you may need help brushing your teeth and having a wash, which is worth doing as feeling clean will help you to feel better.

Keep yourself hydrated

It’s important to keep your fluids topped up when you’re sick as you’ll often be losing more than usual.

If you have the flu, drink plenty of water along with hot, soothing drinks, such as honey and lemon tea.

If you’re nauseous or suffering from vomiting and/or diarrhoea, try sipping slowly but frequently on water containing a hydration solution to ensure you are replacing the essential salts your body is losing.

Sucking on ice cubes or an ice-lolly are other good ways of easing water back into your body.

Ease back into your routine

As you start to feel better, it can be tempting to throw yourself back into your day as usual, but you need to take it easy.

Even if you feel better, your body will be weak from the illness and your immune system needs to regain its strength.

Take it slowly, getting washed and dressed, maybe going for a gentle walk for some fresh air, and take it step by step.

Clean up your germs

Once you feel up to it, it’s important to get rid of any lingering germs in case they make you sick again or get passed on to any family members or guests.

Wash your PJs, duvet cover and so on in Fairy Non Bio at a high temperature to kill the germs, and wipe surfaces, door handles and toilets down with an antibacterial cleaner, such as Flash.

Get well soon!

What makes you feel better when you’re sick? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Snuggling up

Shazza-b 27/05/2018

I put on my fluffy dressing gown that's been washed and smells of lenor and I get on the sofa for as long as I can .which usually isn't very long

be ill

Ruth 19/08/2017

I can't afford to stay of work if I am not well and I still do my house work


LEONA 22/12/2016

Before the food comes out smelling good make sure fabrics and furnishings smell good even if it's only oranges covered in cloves

My Little Doggie

Kiwi woman 14/10/2016

As a retired nurse I'm a terrible patient !! I hate being I'll and try to avoid getting sick but when I do all I want is my bed,some Vegemite on toast and my dog Crystal. We hunker down in the bedroom and catch up on all those boxsets I've missed,although I usually see the first 5 minutes and the last 5 as I fall asleep.,LOL

Chicken soup

Daggersdeb 09/10/2016

Having been full of cold for the last few days. Pjs,blankets and chicken soup are my go to essentials I

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