Let’s run cancer into the ground, together

Let’s run cancer into the ground, together

Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life is running, walking and slip-sliding its way around the UK from May to October. Read on to find out how you can get involved (and why you’ll want to!)


Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life is running, walking and slip-sliding its way around the UK from May to October. Read on to find out how you can get involved (and why you’ll want to!)

Cancer has touched so many of us: whether you’ve experienced it through your own personal battle, a friend’s illness, or because of family suffering.

But we can beat cancer. And we can start by simply putting one foot in front of the other.

From runs to obstacle courses to scenic hikes, Cancer Research UK is holding a whole host of Race for Life events across the UK for another summer, and there’s sure to be a challenge you’re up to. So read on to figure out which fundraiser would suit you best.

P.S. Need motivation? Enter our competition below to be in with the chance of winning a Race for Life starter kit, with 20 chances to win.

You love… acting like a big kid

What to do: Pretty Muddy
Level of fitness needed: average to good

Love making mud pies in the garden with the grandkids? Do you join them on the bouncy castle at birthday parties? Then you’ll love Pretty Muddy.

Pretty Muddy is a 5k or 10k course, but peppered with obstacles that are, of course, covered in mud – lots of mud. So you can slip down slides, jump over mud pits, whizz down giant inflatable slides and commando crawl under cargo nets.

It’s great fun and very messy. Get stuck in, we say. To find a Pretty Muddy near you, click here for the 5k, or here for the 10k.

Or, if you prefer to watch from the side lines while your grandkids slip and slide themselves around a muddy course, you can sign them up for Pretty Muddy Kids.

You love… gorgeous scenery

What to do: One (or more!) of the eight hikes
Level of fitness needed: average to good

Doing a charity race isn’t all just about putting rubber to road. Instead, you could do an ambling hike around a stunning area. Cancer Research UK has added three more walking routes to last year’s list, with Brecon Beacons, The Ridgeway and North Norfolk joining the Peak District, Hadrian’s Wall, South Downs Way, the Jurassic Coast, and the Lake District.

The charity hikes are long distance (from 20 to 26 miles) and take a full day of walking, but you will see some of the UK’s most stunning natural landscapes, and all while raising money to tell cancer to take a hike.

Click here to sign up for a hike near you.

You love… shopping!

What to do: head to Tesco
Level of fitness needed: none!

Okay so this isn’t a Race for Life event, but if physical challenges aren’t your thing, you can still help raise money for Cancer Research UK. All you need to do is hotfoot it to Tesco and buy your favourite P&G product instead, choosing from selected Oral-B, Olay, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Gillette, Venus, Pampers Wipes and Always products.

This might not seem like much of a challenge, but money from your purchase will go towards raising a fantastic total of £135,000 for Cancer Research UK. So you can still do your bit to help, simply by adding an item or two to your weekly shop.

You love… being sociable

What to do: 5k or 10k
Level of fitness needed: average

A Race for Life 5k or 10k event isn’t like your average run on the treadmill. Indeed, the atmosphere and camaraderie is so great that you’ll reach the finish line without too much of a struggle, even if you’re not a natural runner. And there’s no competition, so you can walk or jog whenever you need to catch your breath (even if it’s just been worn out from talking!).

To find out about a 5k near you click here, or for a 10k click here.

You love… a challenge

What to do: a half marathon
Level of fitness needed: pretty darn fit

If you’re eager to put yourself to the test, running a half-marathon is a pretty good way to do that. And with seven happening across the UK, you should be able to get involved no matter where you live.

Plus, the Race for Life routes mainly traverse scenic countryside and sprawling parks, so hopefully the stunning views will distract you from your wobbly legs!

To enter a Race for Life half marathon click here.

Feeling inspired? For your chance to win one of 20 Race for Life starter kits, including a T-shirt, cap, water bottle and wristband, let us know in the comments section below how you’re going to do your bit to help beat cancer.

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first time taking part

Alex 25/02/2019

so this year I decided to join a family member in taking part in a relay for cancer research. something not too difficult and great for any age.. a relay! you all work together and take turns to do a section. It makes you even more motivated because you know there are people cheering for you when you get to end ready for them to start their part of the relay. lots of fun too! followed by tea and cake to celebrate our efforts. Such a lovely way to take part to raise money for charity.

Pretty Muddy


I've just signed up for this year's event. I also managed to get 5 other people to join too! I've done it before and loved it, it's for such a good cause. Better get in shape!!

Knitter not runner

Fabulous 31/01/2019

I would have trouble running now but I do knit toys and things for babies which I sell at fetes to collect money for Cancer research I have started doing a bit of jewelry as well and people are so generous as this illness touches everyone's life at some point.

Lets beat cancer

Laurens26 30/01/2019

I've recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and I'm going into hospital on Monday to have part of my lung taking away I've never smoked and have found it very hard to come to terms with, in the past I've always donated to charities to help fight the cause of cancer but now being on the receiving end i know exactly how it feels so when I'm fit and healthy I'll be doing my bit as much as possible


Natureneptune 21/12/2018

My son runs for children with cancer my other son raised money having his head shaved and other ways since I lost my husband to bowel cancer. I am have survived 10 years breast cancer free. My mother died of a heart attack a few days after I told her which was worse than finding out I had cancer. I just wish I could run, but a RTA at 16 broke my spine and pelvis, and at 69 am grateful that I can still do other things and---I AM ALIVE !!!

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