Let it snow! (But not on your shoulders)

Let it snow! (But not on your shoulders)

While we might be dreaming of a white Christmas, dandruff is more like The Nightmare Before Christmas. Here’s how to beat those problem flakes.

While we might be dreaming of a white Christmas, dandruff is more like The Nightmare Before Christmas. Here’s how to beat those problem flakes.

Dandruff can be an embarrassing problem, particularly if you wear dark hair and it falls onto your shoulders. You could pass it off as snow if we have a white Christmas, but it might be easier to read on to find out how to banish those flakes for good…

Why winter causes shoulder snow

If you have dry skin you’re more likely to get dandruff, and it can get worse in winter. Going from cold air to heated rooms can irritate dry skin, causing it to get flaky and even itchy.

Also you’re likely to use more hair products in the winter as you battle the effects of the wind and rain on your tresses, or try to craft the perfect up ’do for a Christmas party, but this can cause a product build-up, resulting in an unhealthy scalp and potentially dandruff.

How to eliminate the flakes

The whole Head & Shoulders range is specially formulated to fight dandruff. In particular, the new Head & Shoulders Tri-Action Formula shampoo is a great buy if you have trouble with a flaky scalp.

The Tri-Action Formula shampoo cleanses the scalp with fine bubbles that pop less easily, meaning they trap and carry away product build-up and dry flakes of skin. It also moisturises the scalp, hydrating it and leaving your hair beautifully smooth and silky.

A yeast-like fungus in the scalp, which feeds on your hair’s natural oils, can also cause dandruff. Head & Shoulders Tri-Action Formula therefore also contains micro-minerals that are small enough to penetrate the scalp and kill the dandruff-causing fungus, ensuring your hair will be left flake-free and healthy.

And your hair will look great, too

It used to feel like you had to choose between a dandruff shampoo or one that made your hair look gorgeous. But Head & Shoulders can do both. Pick from its wide range, whether you need to tame your frizz with Smooth and Silky, fix your weak, damaged hair with the Thick and Strong shampoo, or protect your colour with Repair and Care.

So now you really can have flake-free and beautiful hair throughout the seasons.

Have you tried Head & Shoulders? Let us know what you think below or in the tried and tested section.

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No snow here

Gills 28/06/2017

Great results using this product. No need to try anything else as this works everytime

Works every time

Rosalind 22/06/2017

I always trust this product to care for my hair and scalp. Great results every time.

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