Your ‘I’m 50 and loving it’ bucket list

Your ‘I’m 50 and loving it’ bucket list

With all your experience, free time and the rewards of hard work, the age to really enjoy life is over 50. Here are our top ideas for living adventurously.

With all your experience, free time and the rewards of hard work, the age to really enjoy life is over 50. Here are our top ideas for living adventurously.

It’s true what they say: the fun really starts at 50.

You have the free time, the experience, and maybe a bit of money saved as well, so why not reap the benefits and enjoy yourself?

But even with all these advantages, some of us can lose a bit of confidence as we get older. Perhaps you’ve just had dentures fitted and you’re feeling self-conscious.

That’s where Fixodent comes in. It creates a thin, strong layer to hold your dentures in place so they feel more like natural teeth.

So it’s easy to talk, laugh and eat with confidence. And when you can stop worrying and start living, there are so many things to do. Just take a look at these suggestions.

Learn a new language

Mastering a brand new vocabulary and grammatical structure gives a boost to your brain – no bad thing once you’re over 50. Learning a new language will also let you stay informed when going on a holiday abroad, plus you can enjoy works of literature, music and cinema in their original language, and you’ll be able to chat with the locals.

And with your dentures securely fitted thanks to Fixodent, getting your mouth around those new sounds won’t be a problem at all.

Try an adventure sport

Nothing makes you feel young again quite like a head-long dive into new adrenaline-fuelled activities like zip lining or scuba diving.

You’ll never feel more alive than when you’re gliding from one cliff to the other with breakneck speed on a zip-line, or diving in open water and swimming between gorgeous sea creatures.

Go on a road trip with your friends

With your children out of the nest and a bit of money saved up in your bank account, there’s nothing stopping you from hitting the open road.

All you have to do is round up your friends, pick a spot on a map, and let the adventure begin.

Attend a major festival

Did you know that Glastonbury is now the favourite festival of the over-50s, having overtaken the BBC Proms? So if you feel like rocking out in a field, you won’t be the only one there with grey hairs.

Or if rock music isn’t your thing, you can always explore cultural highlights such as Mardi Gras, Oktoberfest or the spectacular(ly messy) Holi Festival.

Trip the light fantastic

Your dancing days don’t have an expiration date, so why not sign up for a dance class? It’s not only a great way to stay fit when you’re over 50, but it also builds confidence, lifts your mood, and is proven to strengthen your bones.

What new activities have you taken up in your fifties? Share your suggestions in the comments.

Want to learn more about the importance of dental care? Visit Fixodent and find out how the denture adhesives brand is transforming lives.

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Not quite ready for Fixodent

babyhk 10/09/2017

Aged 57 - suppose I am lucky that I don't use Fixodent yet but good to store info for later life . I enjoy the freedom of being able to book holidays when I want now I am not limited to expensive term times . It is nice to have my husband to myself . We shop around and get some fantastic deals to places we could never afford as a large family . Now it is time for us.

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