How to get a winning smile

How to get a winning smile

From cleaning well to thinking positive thoughts, we look at eight ways to brighten up your smile.

First impressions count, and the secret to being more successful at work, socially or romantically might be down to your smile. People who smile more frequently are perceived to be more confident by their friends and colleagues, and smiling can help improve your wellbeing and mood. With that in mind, taking care of your teeth and mouth is vital. Here are some simple ways to brighten your smile and boost your confidence...

Make brushing your teeth a priority
Brush your teeth as soon as you wake up and before you go to bed to remove any harmful plaque and bacteria. Remember to also brush your tongue as bacteria there can cause bad breath. Change your toothbrush or electric toothbrush head every two months and use a quality toothpaste that prevents enamel erosion, such as Oral-B Pro-Expert, which helps build stronger and healthier teeth and gums.

Avoid teeth-staining foods
Drinking a lot of red wine, coffee or tea will stain your teeth. If the food or drink is dark before putting it in your mouth, it will affect the colour of your teeth. To keep your teeth white, try and lower your intake or try drinking through a straw. Brush your teeth immediately after consuming.

Eat teeth-cleaning foods
If you can’t clean your teeth during the day, eat foods that are natural teeth cleaners such as apples, raw carrots and celery. Foods that are firm and crisp to taste will help keep your teeth naturally clean.

If you’re worried about eating crunchy foods because you wear dentures, be sure to fix them securely with Fixodent Adhesive Cream and worry no more.   

Go to the dentist
Don’t avoid the dentist. You will save more money by preventing any problems with regular visits and professional cleans.

Floss, floss and floss again
Not enough people make daily flossing part of their dental routine. Floss your teeth in the morning and before bed, but also keep some floss in your handbag and desk drawer and give your teeth a quick floss during the day to keep your mouth healthy – possibly not at your desk though.

Don’t forget about your lips
When you get out of the shower, gently exfoliate your lips by running your toothbrush over them or using a lip exfoliator. Immediately apply a nourishing lip balm. Reapply whenever your lips feel dry during the day.

Change your lipstick
Bright corals and red lipsticks will make your teeth look whiter, however pale lipsticks will highlight any yellow in your teeth.

Think happy thoughts
If you feel awkward smiling in photos, think about a happy or funny memory to make your smile more genuine and to help you relax.

What makes you smile? Let us know in the comments section below.

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