How to dress for gym success

How to dress for gym success

You want your workout clothes to look and feel the part. Follow our guide to find stylish looks that will stand the pace.

There’s probably never been a better time to be looking for clothes to wear at the gym. Athletic clothing has swept through the fashion world, turning up everywhere from catwalks to the boardrooms of trendy tech start-ups. In turn, the influence of fashion has meant there are more stylish choices than ever for your workout gear.

You might think that tight athletic clothing is only for the young. But modern sporty leggings have a compression effect. It’s designed to help improve circulation, ensuring blood flows easily into the muscles when they’re working hard, maintaining your stamina. The appealing side effect is they helps legs to look and feel firm, toned and sleek, even before you’ve worked on them in the gym.

If you’d like to cover up a little more, consider layering with a pair of shorts over the top. Or choose a pair of soft jersey tracksuit bottoms. Luckily, it’s no longer a choice between skin-tight lycra or baggy jogging bottoms. Tapered cuts will help you maintain a slim contemporary silhouette, without the unforgiving look of leggings.

Layering can be a great idea for workout tops too, with looser t-shirts over sporty vests so you can cool down as the workout heats up. Bringing along a hoodie or a sports jacket can help prevent you getting too cold after working up a sweat.

As for colour and decoration, the sky is the limit. You’ll find classic understated navy, black and heathered grey alongside bright feminine hues and fluorescent shades. Choose whichever fits your personal style – but if running outside is part of your routine, consider adding vibrant colours to your look to ensure that you’re visible to other road users.

For avid runners, consider getting trainers fitted at a specialist shop. They’ll be able to analyse your running style and recommend the right type of shoe for you. We all have subtly different ways in which our feel roll inwards as we run. Getting a running shoe that adapts to your style will help you run for longer in better comfort and helps to prevent injury.

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weight losses

Shirley 16/06/2017

I have fibromyalgria and finding it hard to loss weight and get back into shape is there help or advance pleases

Thanks Eva

babyhk 21/08/2016

I agree with Eva it is difficult to find decent tops and many of us including me are not a size zero . I find sports bras difficult to buy and crazily expensive in my size . I would like to throw them out more often and if I was smaller I could as they would be half the price. Zumba clothes too seem to be expensive . I chose a gym where we don't all dress like we are auditioning for "Flashdance " but would love some nice gear that I can feel confident in . Eva - you are spot on .

Need larger sizes

Coco 29/06/2016

I love doing Zumba but finding loose fitting tops in a size 18 is near impossible. Or you end up with large t shirts that are not suitable, or comfortable, can't find v neck sports top anywhere. Emailed Nike of problem, they said they had several loose fit tops, only found one, hardly following the governments get woman moving scheme. You have to be comfortable to start any form of exercise and being able to cover your wobbly bits helps.

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