How to beat the winter blues

How to beat the winter blues

Lift your mood and give your health a boost in the depths of winter. Take care of yourself in the cold months with these tips.

All the festivities of winter help to cheer us up when the weather is grey and cold. But once they’re over, they can leave us feeling exhausted and drained. It’s normal to feel a little run down as the temperatures drop and the days are shorter. Give your mind and body a boost with these simple suggestions.

Get a check-up
If you’re feeling more than usually tired, depressed and cold, it might be worth seeing your doctor. Many women experience thyroid problems as they get older, but these symptoms can be treated with daily hormone replacement tablets. The signs can be similar to those of menopause, but a sim-ple blood test can tell them apart.

Start with a good breakfast
They don’t call it the most important meal of the day for nothing. A breakfast like porridge will start you off with a warm glow and provide a slow release of energy all morning. Try a ginger tea for an extra boost: ginger is great for digestion and contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds.
Exercise daily
An impromptu walk is a simple way to shake away the cobwebs. Just 20 minutes at a brisk pace will get the heart beating a little faster and has proven benefits for your physical and mental health. Ex-perts say there are marked mood-enhancing effects just five minutes after exercise. Walking outside also makes sure you get more daylight.

Go for coffee with a friend
It’s proven that socialising is good for your mental wellbeing and helps keep winter blues at bay. Make an effort to keep in touch with friends for a regular boost to your mood.

Watch a movie on the spur of the moment
It’s just as important to nourish your mind as your body. Take a break from your daily routine to catch a thrilling blockbuster or inspirational drama for a bit of old-fashioned escapism.

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A walk a day

carol810 07/10/2016

Your tips are great but the one I do the most is having an impromptu walk. I don't know how impromptu it is but I try and get out everyday even if it is only to the newsagents. It's amazing how much more energy you seem to have after a short walk.

Good tips

Clarecats 01/10/2016

Thanks, I agree with all of these tips. Also it helps to declutter a little every week. The items that are more trouble than they are worth, can probably be replaced by something much smaller and smarter. Anything heavy in the way of appliances should definitely go.

Light boxes

dorey69 11/09/2016

I also suffer from SAD in winter. Invested in a light box. If you look around you can still purchase a good one for around £40 if you shop around. Wouldn't be without mine as the dark days makes my brain stop working.

Light box

Jackie 123 20/07/2016

I suffer terribly with winter SAD. However two years ago I invested in a light box which I use for 30 minutes every morning during the dark days of winter. It's the best thing I ever bought. Although I still have the occasional down day they are few and far between. I would recommend them. Mine cost around £100 you can buy cheaper or more expensive ones but for me, this has been a godsend.

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