Great ways you can help beat cancer all year round

Great ways you can help beat cancer all year round

From hosting parties to clearing out your wardrobe or simply going shopping, here are some ways you can help Cancer Research UK, every month of the year.

January: play the lottery

Strike two resolutions off in one by signing up for the Cancer Research UK weekly lottery. From £1 a week you can be in with the chance of winning cash prizes from £10 to £15,000. So you’ll be doing your bit to help beat cancer, while increasing your chances of a windfall. Win win.

February: clear out your wardrobe

With spring on the horizon, it’s a good chance to clear out any clothes you no longer want or that don’t fit. Run anything that’s still in a good condition through the wash, then take it down to your local Cancer Research UK charity shop. Done!

March: Remember on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can be a painful day for many. Maybe you lost your mother to cancer. Or a friend could be mourning the loss of a child who would have been making them a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed.

So why not use Mother’s Day to remember them, and help prevent more people from feeling this pain in the future? You could set up a dedicated tribute page and call out to people on your social media pages to think of those who might be missing someone this Mother’s Day because of cancer, and to make a donation to Cancer Research UK to help beat the disease for good.

April: sign up for a Race for Life

From May to October, Cancer Research UK hosts a number of challenges, from muddy obstacle courses, to epic hikes, to classic 5k runs. Taking place all over the country, and suited to all different levels of fitness, there’s bound to be a challenge you can rise to.

Check out our article on finding the right Race for Life for you, then sign up, get fundraising, and go for it!

May: buy your favourite P&G product

From May 9 until June 19, 2018, when you buy selected Oral-B, Olay, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Gillette, Venus, Pampers Wipes and Always products in Tesco stores, a portion of the money will go to Cancer Research UK.

Last year, this initiative helped raise £100,000, which is enough to buy vital scanning equipment, or cover the cost of a year’s trial to find the best treatment for specific cancers.

And this year, P&G want to go even bigger, with the aim to raise £135,000 for the charity. All you need to do is add one or two products to your weekly shop. Easy.

June: hold a garden party

Invite friends, family and neighbours over for a summer garden party, and instead of bringing wine, food or flowers, ask your guests to make a donation to Cancer Research UK. Need party inspiration? Check out 15 garden party ideas from a professional party planner here.

July: share your health data

Helping to beat cancer can be as easy as completing short surveys about your health and participating in research. The process is anonymous, and will help to create an invaluable bank of health data for Cancer Research UK. To register your interest, sign up here.

August: hold a bake sale

It’s Great British Bake Off time, so what better opportunity to hold a bake sale? You could enlist colleagues to bake an offering and sell slices at the office for donations. Or you could hold a coffee and cake morning at home, where friends and family make a donation to enjoy a hot cuppa and slice of cake. Did we mention there’s cake? What more of a reason do you need?

September: write your will

We may not see a cure for cancer in our lifetime, but you can contribute to there being one in the future by leaving some money to Cancer Research UK in your will. You can choose how your gift is spent, and knowing you could help beat cancer for a future generation is an honourable legacy to leave behind.

October: hold a murder mystery party

These are great fun and an excuse to dress up. Gather a group of friends to get into character and guess “whodunnit?” Even better if it’s on Halloween night! You could then charge for tickets for this night of fun, food and drink, and donate the proceeds to Cancer Research UK.

November: host bonfire night

You can hold a great bonfire night with just some sparklers, barbecued burgers and sausages, and hot chocolates with marshmallows. Charge a few pounds for the “entry fee”, letting people know you’ll be donating it to Cancer Research UK, and they’ll be sure to dig a little deeper.

December: switch Christmas cards for donations

In a world of text messages, emails and social media, Christmas cards are becoming less necessary. So instead, why not let loved ones know that you are choosing to donate the money you would have spent on cards and stamps to Cancer Research UK instead? A donation to help beat cancer is so much more valuable than a card that will probably end up in the bin.

Do you have any fun fundraiser ideas? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Cancer resherch

Patricia 24/12/2018

I would always give it to cancer l would love to win the lotto l would make sure that the hospice got a big part of it

I give a donate to cancer

Patricia 24/12/2018

I am a clean all the time l use a lot of cleaning stuff

i do my bit

cvanessa12 08/06/2018

alwayas that i do a clear out of me and my kids i donate all my unanted stuffs to their charaty so they can resell to others

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